Prof. Michael Bernard Kwesi Darkoh

Department of Environmental Science

University of Botswana, Gaborone Botswana






1971 Ph.D., Geography (Agric. Economics Minor), Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison

1966 M.A., Geography, University of Ghana, Legon

1963 B.A, (Hons.) Geography, University of Ghana, Legon


Publications (Selected)

  1. Darkoh MBK, Khayesi M. & Mbaiwa JE (2013) Impacts and responses to climate change at the micro-spatial scale in Malawi, Botswana and Kenya. Mohamed Salih M. A., ed. Local Climate Change and Society, Routledge, Chapter 6, pp 90 – 108
  2. Bene M. and Darkoh M.B.K. (2012)Trends and perceived determinants of HIV/AIDS in rural  areas: the  case of Thamaga and surrounding villages, Botswana, Eastern Africa Social Science Research Review. 28 (2)1-27
  3. Darkoh MBK (2012)   Environment and Food Security in Sub-Saharan Africa, African Journal of  Agriculture, Food, Nutrition and Development (AJFAND), 2 (3) 1-5
  4. Kgathi, D L, Ngwenya, B & Darkoh, MBK eds. (2011) Rural Livelihoods, Risk and Political Economy of Access to Natural  Resources in the Okavavango Delta, Botswana, Nova Science Publishers, New York ISBN 978 -1-61122-302-6.
  5. Darkoh MBK & Mbaiwa JE (2010) Natural Resource Use and Land Use Conflicts: The Case of the Okavango Delta, Botswana. Lambert Academic Publishing, Saarbrucken, Germany ISBN 978-3-8383-7018-7
  6. Darkoh MBK & Khayesi M (2009) Spatializing development and environmental discourses: the case of sustainable development and globalization, in Salih M, ed. Climate Change and Sustainable Development: New Challenges for Poverty Reduction, London: Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd, Chapter 11, pp. 179 – 191
  7. Darkoh MBK (2009) Overview of the environmental problems of Southern Africa, African Journal of Ecology 47(Suppl.1),1-6
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  16. Darkoh MBK ed. (1992) African River Basins and Dryland Crises. Published jointly by OSSREA & the Research Programme on Environment and International Security (RPEIS) of the Department of Human and Physical Geography, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden, ISBN 1950609084.

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