Prof. Yuan-Hsiou Chang

MingDao University, Chinese Taipei



2009 Ph.D., National Taiwan University, Taiwan

2002 M.A., National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Publications (Selected)

  1. Chang, Y. H. Chuang, Tsai-Fu*, 2013. A Study of Using Grey System Theory and Artificial Neural Network on the Climbing Ability of Robust Buerger's Frog, Open Journal of Ecology.
  2. Hou, W. S. Chuang, T. F., Chang, Y. H.*, Hsieh, E. C., 2012. An Analysis of Heat Insulation Efficiency of Building Outer Skins Used for Green Building. Building Services Engineering Research and Technology. 32(4), pp.407-422. (SCI) (SCI, Impact Factor=0.460
  3. Chang, Y. H., Wang H. W., Hou, W. S.*, 2011. Effects of Construction Materials and the Design of Lake and Stream Banks on the Climbing Ability of Frogs and Salamanders. Ecological Engineering. 37(2011), 1726-1733. (SCI) (SCI, Impact Factor=3.106)
  4. Hou, W. S., Chang, Y. H.*, Chuang, Tsai-Fu, Chen C. H., 2010. Effect of Ecological Engineering Design on Biological Motility and Habitat Environment of Hynobius arisanensis at High Altitude Areas in Taiwan. Ecological Engineering.36(2010), 791-798. (SCI) (SCI, Impact Factor=3.106)
  5. Lin, Y. J., Chang Y. H., Tan Y. C., Li, H. Y., Chiu, Y. J., 2010. National Policy of Watershed Management and Flood Mitigation After the 921 Chi-Chi Earthquake in Taiwan. Natural Hazards. 56:709-731, DOI: 10.1007/s11069-010-9584-8. (SCI)(SCI, Impact Factor=1.529)
  6. Hou, W. S., Chang, Y. H., Wang, H. W., Tan, Y. C., 2009. Using the Behavior of Seven Amphibian Species for the Design of Banks of Irrigation and Drainage Systems in Taiwan. Irrigation and Drainage. 10.1002. (SCI) (SCI, Impact Factor=0.922)
  7. Hou, W. S., Chang, Y. H.*, Wang H. W., 2008. Climatic effects and impacts of lakeshore bank designs on the activity of Chirixalus idiootocus in Yilan, Taiwan. Ecological Engineering. 32 (2008), 52-59. (SCI) (SCI, Impact Factor=3.106)
  8. Chang, Y. H.*, Lin, Po-Yu; Ku, Chen-RuEI; Wang, Zhen-Yu; Wu, Zhi-Yi; Lin, Shi-Fang, 2013. Performance Evaluation of Water Purification of Solar Power System Equipment combined EIchhornia crassipes. Chinese society of Agricultural Engineers Republic of China. 59 (3). (EI)
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  12. Hou, W. S., Chang, Y. H.*, Chen C. H., 2009. The Relationship of Amphibian Climbing ability and Aquatic Banks Design in Taiwan. Journal of Taiwan Water Conservancy. 57(1), 80-89. (EI)
  13. Chen, H. K., He, X. Y., Lee, Y. R., Chang, Yuan-Hsiou, Chang, Yung-Hsin 2009. The Study of Adaptation with Flood and Drought Disasters Reduction Encountered by Climate Change in Taiwan. Journal of Taiwan Water Conservancy. 58(1), 24-34. (EI)
  14. Hou, W. S., Chang, Y. H.*, 2005. The Seasons Impact on the Activeness of Seven Species Frogs Utilizing Aquatic Banks in Taiwan. Chinese society of Agricultural Engineers Republic of China. 51(4), 54-68. (EI)
  15. Hou, W. S., Chang, Y. H.*, 2004. The Relationship between Lake Bank Design and Chirixalus Idiootocus Active Ability. Journal of Taiwan Water Conservancy. 52(2), 49-57. (EI)

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