Prof. Jory A. Yarmoff

University of California, USA



1985 Ph.D., University of California, Physical Chemistry

1978 M.Sc., State University of New York, Physics

Publications (Selected)

  1. S.R. Qiu, H.-F. Lai, M.J. Roberson, M.L. Hunt, C. Amrhein, L.C. Giancarlo, G.W. Flynn and J.A. Yarmoff, The removal of contaminants from aqueous solution by reaction with iron surfaces, Langmuir 16, 2230-2236 (2000).
  2. S.R.  Qiu, H.-F. Lai, and J.A. Yarmoff, Self-limiting growth of metal fluoride thin films by oxidation reactions employing molecular precursors, Phys. Rev. Lett. 85, 1492-1495 (2000).
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