Prof. James N. Druckman

Department of Political Science

Northwestern University, USA




1999 Ph.D., University of California, Political Science

1997 M.A., University of California, Political Science

1993 B.A., Northwestern University, Social Sciences and Political Science

Publications (selected)

  1. Who Governs? Presidents, Public Opinion, and Manipulation, with Lawrence R. Jacobs, Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2015.

  2. “Citizens’, Scientists’, and Legislators’ Beliefs about Global Climate Change,” with Toby Bolsen, and Fay Lomax Cook, The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 658: 271-295, 2015.

  3. “Merging Research and Undergraduate Teaching in Political Behavior Research,” PS: Political Science & Politics 48: 53-57, 2015.

  4. “Communication and Collective Actions: A Survey Experiment on Motivating Energy Conservation in the U.S.,” with Toby Bolsen, and Fay Lomax Cook, Journal of Experimental Political Science 1: 24-38, 2014.

  5. “Pathologies of Studying Public Opinion, Political Communication, and Democratic Responsiveness,” Political Communication 31: 467-492, 2014.

  6. How Elite Partisan Polarization Affects Public Opinion Formation, with Erik Peterson, and Rune Slothuus, American Political Science Review 170: 57-79, 2013.

  7. Counter-Framing Effects, with Dennis Chong, The Journal of Politics 75: 1-16, 2013.
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  21. Campaign Mixed-Message Flows and Timing of Vote Decision, with Lilach Nir, International Journal of Public Opinion Research 20: 326-346, 2008.
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  23. Framing Public Opinion in Competitive Democracies, with Dennis Chong, American Political Science Review 101: 637-655, 2007.
  24. The Technological Development of Candidate Websites: How and Why Candidates Use Web Innovations, with Martin J. Kifer, and Michael Parkin, Social Science Computer Review 25, 425-442, 2007.
  25. Public Opinion Research and Support for the Iraq War, with Adam J. Berinsky, Public Opinion Quarterly 71: 126-141, 2007.

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