Isabel Fernandes

Faculty of Sciences

University of Lisbon, Portugal

Assistant Professor



2015 Ph.D., University of Lisbon, Geology

2005 Ph.D., University of Porto, Geology

1989 M.S., New University of Lisbon, Engineering Geology

Publications (Selected)

  1. Fernandes, I., Broekmans, M.A.T.M., Nixon, P., Sims, I., Ribeiro, M.A., Noronha, F., Wigum, B., 2013.Alkali-silica reactivity of some common rock types – a global Petrographic Atlas. Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology, doi: 10.1144/qjegh2012-065.
  2. Fernandes, I.,Pericão, M., Hagelia, P., Noronha, F., Ribeiro, M.A., Maia, J., 2012.Identification of acid attack on concrete of a sewage system.Materials and Structures, Vol. 45, Issue 3: 337-350.ISSN: 1359-5997.
  3. Lindgård, J., Andiç-Çakır, O.,Fernandes, I.,Thomas, M.D.A., Rønning, T.F., 2012. Alkali-silica reactions (ASR): literature review on parameters influencing laboratory performance testing.Cement and Concrete Research,Vol.42: 223–243. ISSN: 0008-8846.
  4. Fernandes, I., 2009. Composition of alkali-silica gel in different locations in concrete,Materials Characterization(60) Issue 7, Elsevier: 655-668.ISSN:1044-5803.
  5. Fernandes, I., Broekmans, M.A.T.M., Noronha, F., 2008.Petrography and geochemical analysis for the forensic assessment of concrete damage.In:K. Ritz, L. Dawson, D. Miller (editores),Criminal and Environmental Soil Forensics, Springer. Capítulo 11: 163-180. ISBN: 978-1-4020-9203-9.

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