Prof. Paola Modesti

Parma University, Italy

1992 Ph.D., Mathematics applied to Economic Problems, University of Trieste, Italy

Publications (Selected)

  1. C. Giacomini, M. C. Mancini, P. Modesti, "Large retailers and vertical control of the supply chain: private labels and private certifications standards", International Journal of Applied Management Science, 2010 (forthcoming).
  2. P. Modesti, "Eugenio Levi and his scientific production: a note on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of his death", Decisions in Economics and Finance, 33, 2010, 1-5.
  3. P. Modesti, "Measures for firms value in random scenarios", in "Preferences and decisions: models and applications", Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing, 2009 (forthcoming).
  4. M. Cigola, P. Modesti, "A Note on Mergers and Acquisitions", Managerial Finance, 34, 2008, 221-238.
  5. P. Modesti, "EVA Methods and NPV Decomposition: some comparative Remarks", Mathematical Methods in Economics and Finance, 2, 2007, 55-70.
  6. P. Modesti, "Market Arbitrage versus Agent Arbitrage", Omega, 32, 2004, 25-29.
  7. P. Modesti, "Lottery-Dependent Utility via Stochastic Benchmarking", Theory and Decision, 55, 2003, 45-57.
  8. P. Modesti, A. Sciomachen, "Two Simple Proposals for Evaluating Decision Parameters in the Parking Choice Problems", Ricerca Operativa, 101-102, 2002, 33-51.
  9. P. Modesti, A. Sciomachen, "A Utility Measure for Finding Multiobjective Shortest Paths in Urban Multimodal Transportation Networks", European Journal of Operational Research, 111, 1998, 495-508.
  10. P. Modesti, "On Comonotone Functions", in Convessità e Calcolo parallelo, G. Giorgi, F. A. Rossi Eds., Libreria Universitaria Eds., Verona, 1997, 219-236.
  11. M. Cigola, P. Modesti, "On SSB Utility Theory", in Modelling Techniques for Financial Markets and Bank Management, M. Bertocchi, E. Cavalli, S. Komlosi Eds., Physica-Verlag, Heidelberg, 1996, 272-284.
  12. P. Modesti, "Hilbert and the Grundlagen der Geometrie", in Seminars in Complex Analysis and Geometry, J. Guenot, D. C. Struppa Eds., Mediterranean Press, Cosenza, 1993, 65-92.

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