Prof. Erdogan Alper

Chemical Eng. Department

Hacettepe University, Turkey




1968-1971 Ph.D., Cambridge University, Chemical Engineering Department

1965-1968 B.Sc., Birmingham University, Chemical Engineering Department

Publications (selected)

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  2. A. Tigrel and E.Alper, “Engineering Economics for Chemical Engineers” (1995) (in Turkish).
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  17. E.Altungöz, Z.M. O. Rzayev, E.Alper“Functional Copolymer/Organo-MMT Nanoarchitectures.XII. Polypropylene/Poly(MA-alt-1-octadecene)/Organoclay Based Biaxially Oriented Nanofilms Through ReactiveExtrusion”, International Review of  Chemical Engineering (I.RE.CH.E.), Vol. 3, N. 6November (2011) Special Section on 3rd CEAM 2011 - Virtual Forum
  18. M.A. Dilmani, Zakir M. O. Rzayev , Erdoğan Alper, “Functional Copolymer/Organo-MMT Nanoarchitectures.XIII. EPDM Rubber/Poly [(MA-alt-1-octadecene)-g-PEO]/Organoclays Nanocomposites Through Reactive Extrusion”, International Review of  Chemical Engineering (I.RE.CH.E.), Vol. 4, N. 1, ISSN 2035-1755 January 2012 Special Section on 3rd CEAM 2011 - Virtual Forum.

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