Dr. Bente Foereid

Bioforsk Soil and Environment, Norway

Postdoctoral Associate



2003 Ph.D, Agroecology, KVL, Copenhagen, Denmark

1993 M.Sc., Plant Physiology, University of Oslo, Norway

1991 B.Sc., Biology, University of Oslo, Norway

Publications (Selected)

  1. Foereid, B., Lehmann, J., Major, J. 2011. Modeling black carbon degradation and movement in soil. Plant and Soil, 345, 223-236.
  2. Foereid, B., Rivero, M.J., Primo, O., Ortiz, I., 2010.Modelling photodegradation in the global carbon cycle. Soil Biology & Biochemistry, 43, 1383-1386.
  3. Foereid, B., Bellarby, J., Meier-Augenstein, W., Kemp, H. 2010.Does light exposure make plant litter more degradable? Plant and Soil, 333, 275-285.
  4. Gottchalk, P. Bellarby, J. Chenu, C. Foereid, B. Smith, P. Wattenbach, M. Zingore, S. Smith, J. 2010. Simulation of soil organic carbon response at forest-cultivation sequence using13C measurements, Organic Geochemistry, 41, 41-54.
  5. Foereid, B. Barthram, G.T. Marriott, C.A., 2007. The CENTURY model failed to simulate soil organic matter development in a cool, moist, acidic grassland, Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems, 78, 143-153.
  6. Foereid, B. Dawson, L.A. Johnson, D. Rangel-Castro, I.-J. 2006. Medium-term fate of carbon in upland grassland subjected to liming usingin situ13CO2pulse-labelling. Plant and Soil, 287, 301-311.
  7. Foereid, B.,Yearsley, J.M. 2004. Modelling carbon and nitrogen turnover in the rhizosphere and the impact of microbial grazers.Plant and Soil, 267, 329-342.
  8. Foereid, B. de Neergaard, A. Høgh-Jensen, H. 2004.Turnover of organic matter in aMiscanthusfield: Effect of time inMiscanthuscultivation and inorganic nitrogen supply. Soil Biology & Biochemistry, 36, 1075-1085.
  9. Foereid, B. Høgh-Jensen, H. 2004. Carbon sequestration potential of organic agriculture in northern Europe – a modelling approach.Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems, 68, 13-24.
  10. Foereid, B. Bro, R. Mogensen V.O. Porter, J.R. 2002.Effects of windbreak strips of willow coppice – modelling and field experiment on barley in Denmark. Agriculture, Ecosystem & Environment, 93, 25-32.
  11. Föreid, B. Filho, W.L. 1997. Young people´s attitudes towards and knowledge about the environment: an analysis based on TIMSS-data. Scientia Paedagogia Experimentalis 34, 231-244.
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