Dr. Michael B. Jenkins

United States Department of Agriculture-Agricultural Research Service, USA

Research Microbiologist and Lead Scientist





1984 Ph.D., Oregon State University, USA

1979 M.S., Oregon State University, USA

1966 B.A., University of California, USA


Publications (Selected)

  1. Endale, D.M., H.H. Schomberg, D.S. Fisher, M.B. Jenkins. 2014 Curve numbers from conventional and no-till cropping: A 39-yr dataset from a small Georgia Piedmont watershed. Transactions of ASABE. (Accepted 03/12/2015).
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  4. Shanks, O.C., C.A. Kelty, L. Peed, M. Sivaganesan, T. Mooney, and M. Jenkins. 2014. Age-related shifts in the density and distribution of genetic marker water quality indicators in cow and calf feces. Applied and Environmental Microbiology. 80:1588-1594.
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  6. Jenkins, M.B., H.H. Schomberg, D.M. Endale, D.H. Franklin, and D.S. Fisher. 2014. Hydrologic transport of fecal bacteria attenuated by flue gas desulfurized gypsum. Journal of Environmental Quality. 43:297-302.
  7. Endale, D.M., H.H. Schomberg, D.S. Fisher, D.H. Franklin, and M.B. Jenkins. 2014. Flue gas desulfurized gypsum: Implication for runoff and nutrient losses associated with broiler litter use on pastures on Ultisols. Journal of Environmental Quality. 43:281-289.
  8. Vereen, E., Jr., R.R. Lowrance, M.B. Jenkins, P. Adams, S. Rajeev, and E.K. Lipp. 2013. Landscape and seasonal factors influence Salmonella and Campylobacter prevalence in a rural mixed use watershed. Water Research 47: 6075-6085.
  9. Jenkins, M.B., J.L. Liotta, and D.D. Bowman. 2013. Inactivation kinetics of Cryptosporidium parvum oocsyts in a swine waste lagoon and spray field. Journal of Parasitology 99:337-342.
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  12. Schomberg, H.H., D.M. Endale, M.B. Jenkins, and D.S. Fisher. 2011. Nutrient Source and Tillage Influences on Nitrogen Availability in a Corn Cropping System on a Southern Piedmont Soil. Biology and Fertility of Soil 47:823-831.
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  15. Shanks, Orin C., Catherine A. Kelty, Shawn Archibeque, Michael Jenkins, Ryan J. Newton, Sandra L. McLellan, Susan M. Huse, and Mitchell L. Sogin. 2011. Community structure of cattle fecal bacteria from different animal feeding operations. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 77:2992-3001.

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