Dr. Ana Teresa Lima

Department of Earth Sciences - Geochemistry

Utrecht University, Netherlands

Research Associate



2008 Ph.D., New University of Lisbon, Portugal

2003 M.S., New University of Lisbon, Portugal

Publications (Selected)

  1. Karin Tromp, Ana T. Lima and Jos T.A. Verhoeven, Retention of organic micropollutants and heavy metals from road storm water in a vertical-flow constructed wetland, in relation to rainfall and road de-icing, Journal of Hazardous Materials (accepted).
  2. Ana T. Lima, Pieter J. Kleingeld , Katja Heister, J. P. Gustav Loch (2011), Removal of PAHs from contaminated clayey soil by means of electro-osmosis, Separation and Purification Technology, 79(2), 221-229.
  3. A.T. Lima, L.M. Ottosen, A.B. Ribeiro (2011), Assessing fly ash treatment: remediation and stabilization of heavy metals, Journal of Environmental Management, doi:10.1016/j.jenvman.2010.11.009.
  4. A.T. Lima, A.B. Ribeiro J.M. Rodríguez-Maroto, E.P. Mateus, A.M. Castro, L.M. Ottosen (2010) Experimental and modeling of the electrodialytic and dialytic treatment of a fly ash containing Cd, Cu and Pb, Journal of Applied Electrochemistry 40, 1689–1697.
  5. J.P.G. Loch, A.T. Lima, P.J. Kleingeld (2010), Geochemical effects of electro-osmosis in clays, Journal of Applied Electrochemistry,40, 1249–1254.
  6. A.T. Lima, J.P.G. Loch, P. Kleingeld (2010) Bentonite electrical conductivity: A model based on series-parallel transport, Journal of Applied Electrochemistry 40 (6), 1061-1068.
  7. A.T. Lima, P.C. Rodrigues, J.T. Mexia (2010) Biregressional modelling heavy metal migration during electroremediation of fly ash from different, Journal of Hazardous Materials, 175 (1-3), 366-371.
  8. P.C. Rodrigues, A.T. Lima (2010) Analysis of an European Union election using Principal Component Analysis, Statistical Papers50(4), 895-904.
  9. A.T. Lima, L.M. Ottosen, A.B. Ribeiro (2009), Electroremediation straw and co-combustion ash under acidic environment, Journal of Hazardous Materials 161, 1003-1009.
  10. A.T. Lima, M. Fonseca, J. T. Mexia, A. B. Ribeiro, A. Castro, L. Ottosen (2008), Modelling the effect of different conditions in Electrodialytic remediation of fly ash from MSWI, Biometrical Letters 44(1), 51-70.
  11. A.B. Ribeiro, E.P. Mateus, A.T. Lima, A. García Rubio, C. Vereda Alonso, C. Gómez Lahoz, J.M. Rodríguez Maroto, F. García Herruzo (2008), Flying ash from solid urban waste incinerators: Treatment and applications | [Cenizas volantes de incineradoras de residuos sólidos urbanos], Ingenieria Quimica 40 (460), pp. 110-122.
  12. A.T. Lima, L.M. Ottosen, A.B. Ribeiro, H.K. Hansen (2008), Straw Ash – Electrodialytic Removal of Cd in a Pilot Scale, Journal of Environmental Science and Health Part A 43(8), 844-851.
  13. A.T. Lima, L.M. Ottosen, A.J. Pedersen, A.B. Ribeiro. (2008), A characterization of Fly Ash from Bio and Municipal waste,Biomass & Bioenergy 32(3), 277-282.
  14. Ottosen, L. M.; Lima, A.T.; Pedersen, A.J. & Ribeiro, A.B. (2006), Electrodialytic extraction based of Cu, Pb and Cl from MSWI fly ash suspended in water, Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology 81, 553–559.
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