Prof. Francisco Jose Martin Peinado

Soil Science Department

University of Granada, Spain






Ph.D., University of Granada, Spain

M.S., University of Granada, Spain

B.S., University of Granada, Spain


Publications (Selected)

  1. Ana Romero Freire; Francisco José Martín Peinado; Cornelius A.M. van Gestel.  2015.  Effect of soil properties on the toxicity of Pb: Assessment of the appropriateness of guideline values.  Journal of Hazardous Materials. 289, pp.46-53.
  2. Francisco José Martín Peinado; Ana Romero Freire; Inés García Fernández; Manuel Sierra Aragón; Irene Ortiz Bernad; Mariano Simón Torres. 2015.  Long-term contamination in a recovered area affected by a mining spill.  Science of the Total Environment. 514, pp.219-223.
  3. Simón-Torres, Mariano; García, Inés; González, Verónica; Romero, Ana; Martín, Francisco. 2015. Effect of grain size and heavy metals on As immobilization by marble particles.  Environmental Science and Pollution Research. 22, pp.6835–6841.
  4. Rodríguez Tovar, Francisco Javier; Martin-Peinado, Francisco José.  2014.  Lateral and vertical variations in contaminated sediments from the Tinto River area (Huelva, SWSpain): Incidence on tracemaker activity and implications of the palaeontological approach.  Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology. 414, pp.426-437.
  5. Romero-Freire, Ana; Sierra Aragón, Manuel; Ortiz Bernad, Irene; Martin-Peinado, Francisco José. 2014.  Toxicity of arsenic in relation to soil properties: implications to regulatory purposes.  Journal of Soils and Sediments. 14, pp.968-979.
  6. Abbaslou, Hakime; Martín, Francisco; Abtahi, A; Moore, F. 2014.  Trace element concentrations and background values in the arid soils of Hormozgan Province of southern Iran. Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science. 60-8, pp.1125-1143.
  7. Victor Hugo Durán Zuazo; Carmen Rocío Rodríguez Pleguezuelo; José Ramón Francia Martínez; Francisco José Martín Peinado. 2013. Land-use changes in a small watershed in the Mediterranean landscape (SE Spain): environmental implications of a shift towards subtropical crops.  Journal of Land Use Science. 8-1, pp.47-58.
  8. Abbaslou, Hakime; Abtahi, A; Martín, Francisco; Owliaie, Hamidreza; Khormali, Farhad. 2013. Mineralogy and Characteristics of Soils Developed on Persian Gulf and Oman Sea Basin, Southern Iran: Implications for Soil Evolution in Relation to Sedimentary Parent Material. Soil Science. 178-10, pp.568-584.
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  15. Simon M., Diez M., González V., García I., Martín F. and de Haro S. (2010), Use of liming in the remediation of soils polluted by sulphide oxidation: A leaching-column study, Journal of Hazardous Materials, 180, 241-246.
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