Prof. Dar-Yuan Lee

Department of Agricultural Chemistry,

National Taiwan University, Chinese Taipei

Distinguished Professor



1988  Ph.D., University of California, USA

1983  M.S., National Taiwan University, Chinese Taipei

1979  B.S., National Taiwan University, Chinese Taipei

Publications (Selected)

  1. Chen, C.P., K.W. Juang, T.H. Lin, and D.Y. Lee. (2010) Assessing the phytotoxicity of chromium in Cr(VI)-spiked soils by Cr speciation using XANES and resin extractable Cr(III) and Cr(VI). Plant and Soil 334:299-309.
  2. Chen, W.T., S.B. Ho, and D.Y. Lee. (2009) Effect of pH on boron adsorption-desorption hysteresis of soils. Soil Sci. 174:330-338.
  3. Chiu, C.C., C.J. Cheng, T.H. Lin, K.W. Juang, and D.Y. Lee. (2009) The effectiveness of four organic matter amendments for decreasing resin-extractable Cr(VI) in Cr(VI)-contaminated soils. J Hazardous Materials 161:1239-1244.
  4. Juang, K.W., W.J. Liao, T.L. Liu, L. Tsui, and D.Y. Lee. (2008) Additional sampling based on regulation threshold and kriging variance to reduce the probability of false delineation in a contaminated site. Sci. Total Environ. 389:20-28.
  5. Liu,T.L., K.W. Juang, and D.Y. Lee. (2006) Improving Kriging Interpolation of Soil Properties for Site-specific Management by Using Ancillary Categorical Information of Soil Maps. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J. 70:1200-1209.
  6. Lee, D.Y., J.C. Huang, K.W. Juang, and L. Tsui. (2005) Assessment of phytotoxicity of chromium in paddy fields using selective ion exchange resins embedded in soils. Plant and Soil 277:91-105.
  7. Juang, K. W., D.Y. Lee, and Y. L. Teng. (2005) Adaptive sampling based on cumulative distribution function of order statistics to delineate heavy-metal contaminated soils using kriging. Environmental Pollution 138:268-277.
  8. Juang, K.W., Y.S. Chen, and D.Y. Lee. (2004) Using sequential indicator simulation to assess the uncertainty of delineating heavy-metal contaminated soils. Environmental Pollution 127:229-238.
  9. Juang, K.W., D. C. Liou, and D.Y. Lee. (2002) Site-specific phosphorus application based on the kriging fertilizer-P availability index of soils. J. Environ. Qual. 31:1248-1255.
  10. Juang, K.W., D.Y. Lee, and T.R. Ellsworth. (2001) Using rank order geostatistics for spatial interpolation of highly skewed data in a heavy metal contaminated site. J. Environ. Qual. 30:894-903.
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  12. Junag, K.W. and D.Y. Lee. (2000) Comparison of three nonparametric kriging methods for delineating heavy-metal contaminated soils. J. Environ. Qual. 29:197-205.
  13. Juang, K.W. and D.Y. Lee. (1998) A comparison of three kriging methods using auxiliary variables in heavy-metal contaminated soils. J. Environ. Qual. 27:355-363.
  14. Houng, K.H. and D.Y. Lee. (1998) Comparison of linear and nonlinear Langmuir and Freundlich curve-fit in the study of Cu, Cd, and Pb adsorption on Taiwan soils. Soil Sci. 163:115-121.
  15. Juang, K.W. and D.Y. Lee. (1998) Simple indicator kriging for estimating the probability of incorrectly delineating hazardous areas in a contaminated site. Environ. Sci. Technol. 32:2487-2493.
  16. Chien, Y.J., D.Y. Lee, H.Y. Guo, and K.H. Houng. (1997), Geostatistical analysis of soil properties of mid-west Taiwan soils. Soil Sci. 162:291-298.
  17. Lee, D.Y., P.H. Chiang, and K.H. Houng. (1996) Determination of bioavailable cadmium in paddy fields by chelating resin membrane embedded in soils. Plant and Soil 181:233-239.
  18. Hsia, T.H, S.L. Lo, C.F. Lin, and D.Y. Lee. (1993) Chemical and spectroscopic evidence for specific adsorption of chromate on hydrous iron oxide. Chemosphere 26:1897-1904.
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