Prof. Thomas E. Fenton

Department of Agronomy

Iowa State University, USA

ARCPACS; Certified Professional Soil Scientist




1966 Ph.D., Soil Science (Soil Morphology and Genesis), Iowa State University, U.S

1960 M.S., Soil Morphology and Genesis, University of Illinois, U.S

1959 B.S., Agricultural Science, (High Honors), University of Illinois, U.S

Publications (Selected)

  1. Fenton, T. E. (2011), The impact of erosion on the classification and productivity of Mollisols in Iowa, In review. Candian Jour. Of Soil Science.
  2. Fenton, T. E. (2011), The soil survey program in Iowa, P. 24-25. In Lee Rudebusch (ed.) Getting into soil and water, Iowa Water Center, Ames, IA.
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  7. Olson, K.R., Fenton, T.E., Smeck, N.E., Hammer, R.D., Ransom, M.D., Zanner, McLeese,R., and Sucik, M.T. (2005), Identification, mapping, classification, and interpretation of eroded Mollisols in the Midwest, Soil Survey Horizons 46: No. 1, 23-35.
  8. Fenton, T.E., Kazemi, M., and Lauterbach-Barrett, M.A. (2005), Erosional impact on organic matter content and productivity of selected Iowa soils, Soil and Tillage Research, 81:163-171.
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  10. Kovda, I.,Brevik, E.C., Fenton, T.E., and Gerasimova, M. (2004), The impact of white pine (Pinus strobus) on a Mollisol after seven decades of soil development, Jour. Iowa Acad. Sci. 111(3,4):58-66.
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