Dr. Benjamin M. Mwashote

Florida State University, USA  




2004 Ph.D., chemical oceanography, Florida State University, USA

1993 M.S., environmental chemistry, University of Nairobi, Kenya

1984 B.S., Chemistry, University of Nairobi, Kenya

Publications (Selected)

1.     B. M. Mwashote and W. C. Burnett. (2011) Assessment and Elimination of Environmentally Induced Artifacts in Submarine Groundwater Discharge Measurements Using Benthic Chamber Based Seepage Meters (in prep).

2.     B. M. Mwashote, M. Murray, W. C. Burnett, J. Chanton, S. Kruse and A. Harrison. (2011) Submarine Groundwater Discharge in the Sarasota Bay System: Its Assessment and Implications for the Nearshore Coastal Environment (in prep).

3.     B. M. Mwashote. (2010) Submarine groundwater discharge: its measurement and implications for nutrient inputs and biogeochemical processes in the nearshore coastal zone. PhD Thesis in Chemical Oceanography, Florida State University, USA (defended, graduation in Fall, 2010). Pp. 173.

4.     B. M. Mwashote, W. C. Burnett, J. Chanton, I. Santos, N. Dimova and P. W. Swarzenski. (2010) Calibration and use of continuous heat-type automated seepage meters for submarine groundwater discharge measurements. Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Science, 87: 1- 10.

5.     B. M. Mwashote. (2010) Submarine Groundwater Discharge: Its Importance andQuantification. SciTopics.

I.             R. Santos, N. Dimova, R. N. Peterson, B. M. Mwashote, J. Chanton and W. C. Burnett. (2009) Extended time series measurements of submarine groundwater discharge tracers (222Rn and CH4) at a coastal site in Florida. Marine Chemistry 113: 137 – 147.

6.     B. M. Mwashote, B. O. Ohowa and P. O. Wawiye. (2005) Spatial and temporal distribution of dissolved inorganic nutrients and phytoplankton in Mida Creek, Kenya. Journal of Wetland Ecology and Management, 13: 599 - 614.



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