Prof. George Oliver Rogers

Texas A & M University, USA




1983 Ph.D., Department of Sociology, University of Pittsburgh, USA

1976 M.Sc., Department of Sociology, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

1975 B.Sc., Department of Sociology, Oregon State University, USA

Publications (Selected)

  1. Sung, Chan Y., Ming Han Li,Zhifang Wang, and George O. Rogers, (Submitted) Investigating alien plantinvasion in urban riparian forests in a hot and semi-arid region, Landscape and Urban Planning.
  2. Rogers, George O. and Sineenart Sukolratanametee, (2009) “Neighborhood Design and Sense of Community:Comparing Suburban Neighborhoods in Houston Texas,” Landscape and Urban Planning, Vol. 92, p. 325-334.
  3. Kweon, Byoung-Suk, Christipher D. Ellis, Pedro I. Leiva and George O. Rogers, (2010) “Land Content, LandUse and Neighborhood Satisfaction,” Environmental Planning B. Vol. 37, p 500-517.
  4. Kweon, Byoung-Suk, Christopher D. Ellis, Sang-Woo Lee , and George O. Rogers, 2006, “Large-scaleEnvironmental Knowledge: Investigating the Relationship Between Self Reported and ObjectivelyMeasured Physical Environments,” Environment & Behavior, Vol. 38 No. 1p. 48-71.
  5. Touché, George E. and George O. Rogers, 2005, “Environmental Equity and Electric Power Generation:Disparate Community Outcomes within Texas?” Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, Vol.48, No. 6, p. 891-915.
  6. Rogers, G. O. and B. B. DeFee II, 2005, “Long-term Impact of Development on a Watershed: Early Indicatorsof Future Problems,” Landscape and Urban Planning, Vol. 73, 215-233.
  7. Rogers, G. O. and C. D. Ellis, 2001, “Water Resource Management in Texas Megacity: A Prima Facie Case forComprehensive Resource Management,” in International Seminar on Nuclear War and PlanetaryEmergencies: 25th Session, R. Ragaini (ed) “E. Majorana” Centre for Scientific Culture, Erice, Italy, August 19-24, 2001.
  8. Mileti, D. et al., 1999, Disasters by Design: A Reassessment of Natural Hazards in the United States, JosephHenry Press, Washington, D.C. (Contributing Author).
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  10. Rogers, G. O., 1995, "Environmental Racism or Inequity: A Comparative Study of Four Ethnic Groups," inGail E. Thomas (ed.), Race and Ethnicity in America in the Twenty-First Century: Meeting the Challenge,NY: Taylor-Francis, Chapter 15, p. 187-204.
  11. Feldman, D. L., S. A. Carnes, and G. O. Rogers, 1989, "Intergovernmental Consultation and Coordination:Continued Protection of Public Health and Safety Through Public Accountability," EnvironmentalProfessional, Vol. 11, p. 409-421.
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  13. Rogers, G. O. and M. Haimes, 1987 "Local Impact of a Low-Security Federal Correctional Institution," FederalProbation Quarterly Vol. LI, No. 3, September, p. 28-34.

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