Prof. Ryuichi Yokoyama

Graduate School of Environment and Energy Environment

Waseda University, Japan



1974 Ph.D., Waseda University, Electrical engineering
M.Sc., Waseda University, Electrical engineering
1968 B.Sc., Waseda University, Electrical engineering


Prof. Ryuichi Yokoyama, an IEEE Fellow, is one of the most significant leaders of deregulation in power markets. Prof. Yokoyama’s foresight and advanced view on the power industry has promoted the introduction of competition and deregulation to power markets. His promotion from an IEEE senior member to an IEEE Fellow in 2009 was in recognition of his leadership in electrical power system management.

Prof. Yokoyama’s most recent major contributions have been designing and operating power systems and markets, including the development of highly efficient power supply using lean‐burn gas engines and power storage device, the creation of an efficient operation scheme that utilizes quadratic programming in fuel cell complex housing and the employment of the branch and bound method to identify obsolete equipment in aged substations to the optimization of power generation via suitable photovoltaic (PV) panels positioning and angling, and the creation of an independent grid system of micro grids by employing load frequency models.

For over 40 years, Prof. Yokoyama has been actively carrying out research work as well as publishing papers and reports to provide engineers and students with technical information that is practical and applicable to real systems. His fields of interest include planning, operation, and optimization of largescale environment and energy systems, and applications of advanced mathematical approaches to energy systems and markets.

Prof. Yokoyama graduated from Waseda University, Japan with a Bachelor and Master of Science, as well as a Ph.D. in electrical engineering. He is currently a professor of environment and energy engineering at his alma mater. Prior to joining Waseda in 2007, Prof. Yokoyama worked at the Mitsubishi Research Institute as a senior researcher and a chief researcher in the Industry Technology Division from 1974 to 1978. He later joined the Faculty of Technology at the Tokyo Metropolitan University as an associate professor from 1978 to 1987, and as a professor of the electric, electronic and information department from 1988 to 2007.
Prof. Yokoyama is highly respected in the power and engineering field and continues to contribute not only academically, but also through his extensive involvement as a chairperson and member of Japanese governmental organizations as well as a key member of industry associations. Prof. Yokoyama is a member of the New Energy Commission of The Ministry of Education, Trade and Industry (METI), chairman of Wind Generation Grid Connection Technology METI Committee, chairman of New Generation Power Delivery System Study Committee of IEEE Japan, vice president of the Consortium for Power Technology of Japan and the Consortium for Multi Utility, chairman of Clean Energy and Smart Grid Fair 2010 in Japan, a chairman of the Smart Energy Network Study committee, and is also a member of IID Japan and CIGRE.

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