Prof. Uygun V. Valiev 
Department of Optics and Laser Physics, Faculty of Physics

Mirzo Ulugbek National University of Uzbekistan (NUUz), Uzbekistan



1981 Ph.D., Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia

1971 M.Sc., Tashkent State University

Publications (selected)

  1. U.V. Valiev, J.B. Gruber, B. Zandi, U.R. Rustamov, A.S. Rakhmatov A.S., D. R. Dzhuraev, N. M. Narzullaev. Magnetooptics of quintet states of Tb3+ ion in terbium-yttrium aluminum garnet// “Phys. Stat. Sol. (b)”, Vol. 242, No.4, pp. 933 - 946, (2005).
  2. U.V.Valiev, J.B. Gruber, D.K., Sardar, B. Zandi, I.S. Kachur, A.K. Mukhammadiev, V.Yu. Sokolov, V.G. Piryatinskaya, I.S. Edelman. Zeeman effect and Stark splitting of the electronic states of rare-earth ion in the paramagnetic terbium garnets Tb3Ga5O12 and Tb3Al5O12// “Phys. of the Sol. State”, Vol. 49, No.1, pp. 91 – 98 (2007) [translated from “Fiz. Tverd. Tela”, Vol. 49, No.11, pp. 87-94 (2007).
  3. Dhiraj K. Sardar, Kelly L. Nash, Raylon M. Yow, John B. Gruber, Uygun V.Valiev and Edvard P. Kokanyan. Absorption Intensities and Emission Cross Sections of Tb3+ (4f8) in TbAlO3// “Journ. Appl. Phys.”, Vol. 100, pp. 083108(1) – 083108(5), (2006).
  4. John B. Gruber, Anmol S. Nijjar, Dhiraj K. Sardar, Raylon M. Yow, Uygun V. Valiev, Anvar K. Mukhammadiev,V.Yu. Sokolov, Irina Amin, K. Lenguel, I.S. Kachur, Valeriya G. Piryatinskaya, and B. Zandi. Analyses of the Optical and Magneto-optical Spectra of Tb3Ga5O12// “Journ. Appl. Phys.”, Vol. 101, No1, pp. 023108(1) – 023108(14) (2007).
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  11. Uygun V. Valiev, Abdulla A. Uzokov, Sharof A. Rakhimov, John B. Gruber, Dhira K. Sardar, Kelly L. Nash, and Gary W. Burdick. Faraday effect and magnetic susceptibility analyses in TbAlO3// “Journ. Appl. Phys.”, Vol. 104, pp. 073903(1) – 073903(5), (2008)
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  18. U.V. Valiev, J.B. Gruber, Sh.A. Rakhimov, and I.S. Edelman. Anisotropy in the absorption spectra of the rare-earth orthoaluminate TbAlO3 in polarized light// “Bull. Russ. Acad. Sci. Akad.: Physics ”, (2010), Vol. 74, No 10, p. 1386 – 1388

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