Dr. Qinku Zhang

Yulin University, China

Associate Professor



2013-2016 Ph.D., Xi’an University of Technology, China

2007-2010 M.S., Guilin University of Technology, China

2003-2007 B.S., Guilin University of Technology, China

Publications (Selected)

  1. Q.K. Zhang, S.L. Larson, J.H. Ballard, et al. Uranium metal corrosion in soils with different soil moisture regimes. Corrosion Science, 2021.
  2. Q.K. Zhang, Pohlee Cheah, Fengxiang Han, et al. Effects of calcination temperature on crystal structure and photocatalytic activity of CaIn2O4/In2O3 composites. Ceramics International, 2019.
  3. Q.K. Zhang, F.X. Han, Y.H. Yan, et al. Preparation and properties of visible light responsive RGO/In2TiO5 nanobelts for photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants. Appllied Surface Science, 2019.
  4. Q.K. Zhang, B.H. Yao, Y.Yu, et al. Effects of Calcination Temperature on Crystal Structure and Photocatalytic Activity of In2TiO5 Nanobelt. Chinese Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2015.
  5. Q.K. Zhang, B.H. Yao, P. Lu, et al. Synthesis and Photocatalytic Property of In2TiO5/In2O3 Heterostructures. Chemical Journal of Chinese University, 2015.
  6. Q.K. Zhang, B.H. Yao, P. Lu, et al. Hydrothermal Synthesis and Photocatalytic Property of Hydrogarnet Ba3In2(OH)12. Journal of The Chinese Ceramic Society, 2015.
  7. Q.K. Zhang, B.H. Yao, C. Peng, et al. Self-propagating Combustion Synthesis of Ba4In2O7 and Its Photocatalytic Activity. Chinese Journal of Materials Research, 2015.
  8. Q.K. Zhang, J.L. Zhu, K.H. Liu. Paraquat wastewater treatment by the membrane-based nanofiltration and reverse osmosis processes. Membrane Science and Technology, 2014.

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