Prof. Dr. Fateh Mebarek-Oudina

Department of Physics, Faculty of Sciences

University of 20 Août 1955-Skikda, Algeria




2010 Ph.D., Doctorate of Energy (Physics, Mechanical Engineering)

Publications (Selected)

  1. K. Ramesh, F. Mebarek-Oudina, A. I. Ismail, B. R. Jaiswal, A. S. Warke, R. K. Lodhi and T. Sharma, Computational analysis on radiative non-Newtonian Carreau nanofluid flow in a microchannel under the magnetic properties, Sciencia Iranica, 2023, 30 (2), 376-390.
  2. F. Mebarek-Oudina, Preeti , A. S. Sabu, H. Vaidya, R. W. Lewis, S. Areekara, A. Mathew and A. I. Ismail, Hydromagnetic flow of magnetite-water nano-fluid utilizing adapted Buongiorno model, International Journal of Modern Physics B, 2023, 2450003.
  3. M. Jawad, S. Hussain, F. Mebarek-Oudina, K. Shehzad, Insinuation of Radiative Bio-Convective MHD flow of Nano Casson Fluid with Activation Energy and Swimming Microorganisms, Mathematical Modelling of Fluid Dynamics and Nanofluids, CRC Press (Taylor & Francis), 2023.
  4. P. Ravindra, M. Mahesha, M. Sankar and F. Mebarek-Oudina, Effect of Discrete Heat Source-Sink Pairs on Buoyancy Driven Convection in an Inclined Parallelogrammic Porous Enclosure, Mathematical Modelling of Fluid Dynamics and Nanofluids, CRC Press (Taylor & Francis), 2023.
  5. I. Chabani, F. Mebarek-Oudina, Heat transfer analysis by Cu-MgO/Water hybrid Nano-fluid and partial discrete heating, Mathematical Modelling of Fluid Dynamics and Nanofluids, CRC Press (Taylor & Francis), 495-510 (2023).
  6. B. Mliki, M. A.Abbassi and F. Mebarek-Oudina, LBM Analysis of Magneto-Hydrodynamic Mixed Convection of Nanoliquid in a Double Lid Driven Heated Incinerator Shaped Cavity with Discrete Heating, Mathematical Modelling of Fluid Dynamics and Nanofluids, CRC Press (Taylor & Francis), 2023.
  7. H. Laouira, F. Mebarek-Oudina, H. Vaidya, Mixed convection assessment in an unusual cavity with a heat source opened to a horizontal channel, Mathematical Modelling of Fluid Dynamics and Nanofluids, CRC Press (Taylor & Francis), 1-10, 2023.
  8. K. Ramesh, F. Mebarek-Oudina, B. Souayeh, Mathematical Modelling of Fluid Dynamics and Nanofluids, 1st edition, CRC Press (Taylor & Francis); 2023.
  9. F. Mebarek-Oudina, I. Chabani, Review on Nano Enhanced PCMs: Insight on nePCM Application in Thermal Management/Storage Systems. Energies. 2023; 16(3):1066.
  10. G. Dharmaiah, F. Mebarek-Oudina, M. Sreenivasa Kumar, K. Chandra Kala, Nuclear reactor application on Jeffrey fluid flow with Falkner-skan factor, Brownian and thermophoresis, non linear thermal radiation impacts past a wedge, Journal of the Indian Chemical Society, 2023, 100(2): 100907.
  11. A. Ali, F. Mebarek-Oudina, A. Barman, S. Das, A.I. Ismail, Peristaltic transportation of hybrid nano-blood through a ciliated micro-vessel subject to heat source and Lorentz force. Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 148, 7059–7083 (2023)
  12. Dharmaiah, G.; Mebarek-Oudina, F.; Balamurugan, K.S.; Vedavathi, N. Numerical Analysis of the Magnetic Dipole Effect on a Radiative Ferromagnetic Liquid Flowing over a Porous Stretched Sheet. Fluid Dyn. Mater. Process. 2023.
  13. M. Bouselsal, F. Mebarek-Oudina, N. Biswas, A.I. Ismail, Heat Transfer Enhancement Using Al2O3 -MWCNT Hybrid-Nanofluid inside a Tube/Shell Heat Exchanger with Different Tube Shapes. Micromachines 14 (5), 1072 (2023).
  14. Priyanka, S. Arora, F. Mebarek-Oudina, S. Sahani, Super convergence analysis of fully discrete Hermite splines to simulate wave behavior of Kuramoto-Shivashinsky equation, Wave Motion (2023).
  15. M. Ferhi, S. Abidi, R. Djebali, F. Mebarek-Oudina, Assessment of micro-scale heat exchangers efficiency using lattice Boltzmann method and design of experiments, Energy and Built Environment, 2023.
  16. F. Mebarek-Oudina, G. Dharmaiah, K. S. Balamurugan, A. I. Ismail, and H. Saxena, The Role of Quadratic-Linearly Radiating Heat Source with Carreau Nanofluid and Exponential Space-Dependent Past a Cone and a Wedge: A Medical Engineering Application and Renewable Energy. Journal of Computational Biophysics and Chemistry, 2023.
  17. N. Manjunatha, Y. H. Gangadharaiah, Y. Yellamma, F. Mebarek-Oudina, M. Sankar, Effect of Variable Heat Source and Gravity Variance on the Convection in Porous Layer with Temperature-Dependent Viscosity, Sciencia Iranica, 2023.
  18. N. Z. Basha, C. Rajashekhar, F. Mebarek-Oudina, K. V. Prasad, H. Vaidya, Ka. Guedri, A. Boudjemline, R. Mansouri, and A. Taieb, Sutterby hybrid nanofluid flow and heat transfer over a nonlinearly expanding sheet with convective boundary condition and zero-mass flux concentration, International Journal of Modern Physics B, 2023.
  19. S. Li, C. Rajashekhar, K. S. Nisar, F. Mebarek-Oudina, H. Vaidya, M. Ijaz Khan, K. V. Prasad, H. Balachandra, G. Manjunatha, Peristaltic transport of a Ree-Eyring fluid with non-uniform complaint channel: An analysis through varying conditions, Journal of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics / Zeitschrift für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik, 2023.
  20. G. Dharmaiah, F. Mebarek-Oudina, J. L. Rama Prasad, Ch. Baby Rani, Exploration of Bio-convection for slippery two-phase Maxwell Nanofluid past a vertical induced magnetic stretching regime associated for Biotechnology and Engineering, Journal of Molecular Liquids, 391, 123408, 2023.

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