Prof. Maria Paola Lombardo

Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Italy




1985, Ph.D., Laurea in Fisica, Università di Pisa, Italy

Publications (Selected)


  1. Melting of P wave bottomonium states in the quark-gluon plasma from lattice NRQCD JHEP 1312 (2013) 064.
  2. C. Allton, G. Aarts, A. Amato, W. Evans, P. Giudice, S. Hands, A. Kelly, S. Kim, M.P. Lombardo, S.M. Ryan, J.-I. Skullerud, T. Harris. Quark-gluon plasma phenomenology from the lattice J. Phys. Conf. Ser. 509 (2014) 012015 G. Aarts, C. Allton, S. Kim, M. P. Lombardo, S. M. Ryan and J.-I. Skullerud.
  3. G. Aarts, C. Allton, A. Kelly, J.-I. Skullerud, S. Kim, T. Harris, S. M. Ryan and M. P. Lombardo Quark-Gluon Plasma: from lattice simulations to experimental results 3 arXiv:1403.5183 [hep-lat] Proceedings of the Cortona Nuclear Physics Meeting, Cortona, October 2013.
  4. M. P. Lombardo, K. Miura, T. N. d. Silva, E. Pallante and N. S. Ontoro More results on theories inside the conformal window PoS LATTICE 2013 (2013) 082.
  5. F. Burger, E. M. Ilgenfritz, M. P. Lombardo, M. M¨uller-Preussker and A. Trunin Towards the quark–gluon plasma Equation of State with dynamical strange and charm quarks J. Phys. Conf. Ser. 668 (2016) no.1, 012092.
  6. G. Aarts et al. Eur. Phys. J. A 53, no. 5, 93 (2017) Spectral functions from anisotropic lattice QCD.
  7. M.P. Lombardo Nature 539, News&Views, 40-41 (2016) Heavy-flavor production and medium properties in high-energy nuclear colli sions - What next?.
  8. Topology (and axion’s properties) from lattice QCD with a dynamical charm F. Burger, E. M. Ilgenfritz, M. P. Lombardo, M. M¨uller-Preussker and A. Trunin. Nucl. Phys. A 967, 880 (2017).
  9. An Advanced Course in Computational Nuclear Physics” M. Hjorth-Jensen, M. P. Lombardo and U. van Kolck.Lect. Notes Phys. 936, pp. (2017).
  10. Motivation and Overarching Aims M. Hjorth-Jensen, M. P. Lombardo and U. van Kolck. Lect. Notes Phys. 936, 1 (2017).
  11. Chiral observables and topology in hot QCD with two families of quarks F. Burger, E. M. Ilgenfritz, M. P. Lombardo and A. Trunin, Phys. Rev. D 98 (2018) no.9, 094501.
  12. FCC Physics Opportunities, A. Abada et al. [FCC], Eur. Phys. J. C 79 (2019) no.6, 474.
  13. Study of hard and electromagnetic processes at CERN-SPS energies: an investigation of the high-µB region of the QCD phase diagram with NA60+, M. Agnello et al. [NA60+], arXiv:1812.07948 [nucl-ex].
  14. Proceedings, 27th International Conference on Ultrarelativistic Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions (Quark Matter 2018) F. Antinori, A. Dainese, P. Giubellino, V. Greco, M. P. Lombardo and E. Scomparin, eds. Nucl. Phys. A 982 (2019), pp.1-1066.
  15. Finite temperature QCD with Nf = 2 + 1 + 1 Wilson twisted mass fermions at physical pion, strange and charm masses A. Y. Kotov, M. P. Lombardo and A. M. Trunin Eur. Phys. J. A 56 (2020) no.8, 203.
  16. Topology and axions in QCD M. P. Lombardo and A. Trunin Int. J. Mod. Phys. A 35 (2020) no.20, 2030010.
  17. Properties of the QCD thermal transition with Nf = 2 + 1 flavours of Wilson quark G. Aarts, C. Allton, J. Glesaaen, S. Hands, B. J¨ager, S. Kim, M. P. Lombardo, A. A. Nikolaev, S. M. Ryan and J. I. Skullerud, et al. [arXiv:2007.04188 [hep-lat]].
  18. QCD transition at the physical point, and its scaling window from twisted mass Wilson fermions A. Y. Kotov, M. P. Lombardo and A. Trunin [arXiv:2105.09842 [hep-lat]].

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