Dr. Harekrushna Sutar

Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology Sarang, India



Ph.D., Jadavpur University

M.Chem.Engg., Jadavpur University

B.E., Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology Sarang

Publications (selected)

  1. Surface erosion behaviour over NiCrBSi-Al2O3 composite coatings; P. Senapati, H. Sutar (2020), Materials Research Express, 7 (7), 076512.
  2. A Review on the Dominant Factors Affecting Silt Erosion in Hydro Turbines; P. Senapati, H. Sutar (2020), International Journal on Emerging Technology, 11(4), 263-268.
  3. Graphene Oxide (GO) Supported Palladium (Pd) Nanocomposites for Enhanced Hydrogenation; D. Rout, P. Senapati, H. Sutar, D.C. Sau and R. Murmu (2019) Graphene, 8(3), 33-51, 2019.
  4. Mechanical, Thermal and Crystallization Properties of Polypropylene (PP) Reinforced Composites with High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) as Matrix; H. Sutar, PC Sahoo, PS Sahu, S Sahoo, R Murmu, S Swain, SC Mishra; Materials Sciences and Applications, 9(5), 502-515, 2018.
  5. Electrical Behaviour and Spherulites Morphology of HDPE/PP Polyblends with HDPE as Base Material; P. Sahoo, R. Murmu , S. Patra , C. Dutta and H. Sutar ; Materials Sciences and Applications, 9(10), 837-843, 2018.
  6. Strain Rate Effects on Tensile Properties of HDPE-PP Composite Prepared by Extrusion and Injection Moulding Method; H. Sutar, H. S Maharana, C. Dutta, R. Murmu and S. Patra; Materials Sciences and Applications, 10(3), 205-215, 2019.
  7. High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Polypropylene (PP) Polyblend: An Experimental Approach; H. Sutar, R. Murmu, C. Dutta; New Advances in Materials Science and Engineering, Vol-1, Chapter-4, 40-65, 2019(BOOK CHAPTER).
  8. A Novel SPEEK-PVA-TiO2 Proton Conducting Composite Membrane for PEMFC Operations at Elevated Temperature; R Murmu, H. Sutar; Journal of Polymer Materials, 35(4), 409-431, 2018.
  9. Steady State Analysis of Water Transport through Sulfonated Polyether Ether Ketone (SPEEK) Membrane for Fuel Cell Application; R Murmu, H. Sutar; Journal of Polymer Materials, 35(1), 103-118, 2018.
  10. Synthesis and Characterisation of PVA/PVOH Based Super Porous Hydrogel; S.K Barik, H. Sutar, S.C Mishra; American Chemical Science Journal, 10(3), 1-7, 2015.
  11. Wear behavior of Al-Si alloy based metal matrix composite reinforced with TiB2; J.K Sahoo, S.K Sahoo, H. Sutar, B. Sarangi; IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, 178(1), 012025, 2017.
  12. The Discrepancy in the Prediction of Surface Temperatures by Inverse Heat Conduction Models for Different Quenching Processes from Very High Initial Surface Temperature; A.R Patil, N.H. Bhatt, L. Das, S. Teja, S. Nayak, A. Kumar, A. Sahoo, B. Munshi, A. Behera, H. Sutar, S.S Mohapatra; Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering, 27(6), 808-835, 2018.

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