Prof. Elmo Benedetto

Department of Computer Science, University of Salerno

Adjunct Professor for Mathematical Analysis

Email: (preferred),


2018 National Scientific Qualification (ASN) as Associate Professor for the disciplinary field of Applied Physics, Didactics and History of Physics,  Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (M.I.U.R.).
2013 PhD, Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science, University of Salerno, Italy
2000 Master, Mathematical Physics, University of Salerno, Italy.

Research Fields


Special and General Relativity

Didactics and History of Physics

Publications (selected)

  1. Benedetto E, Iovane G, Sersante B, Feleppa F (2020) “Distance measures in cosmology: a simple approach” Canadian Journal of Physics ISSN: 00084204
  2. Feoli A, Iannella A.L., Benedetto E (2020) “Spreading of COVID-19 in Italy as the spreading of a wave packet” European Physical Joiurnal Plus ISSN: 2190-5444
    Benedetto E, Bochicchio I, Corda C, Feleppa F, Laserra E (2020) “Generalized potential for apparent forces: the Coriolis effect” European Journal of Physics ISSN: 0143-0807
  3. Feoli A, Benedetto E, Iannella A (2020) “The Effect of Interplay between the Newtonian Gravitational Field and the Cosmological Expansion” Gravitation & Cosmology ISSN: 0202-2893
  4. Benedetto E, Feleppa F, Iovane G, Laserra E (2020) “Speed of light on a rotating platform” International Journal of Geometric Methods in Modern Physics ISSN (print): 0219-8878
  5. Benedetto E, Feleppa F, Sersante B (2020) “On the distinction between coordinate and physical speed of light in General Relativity” Afrika Matematika ISSN: 1012-9405
  6. Beltramonte T, Benedetto E, Feoli A, Iannella A (2019) “A study of the scaling relation 𝑀 𝑅𝑒𝜎 3 for supermassive black holes and an update of the corresponding theoretical model” Astrophysics and Space Science ISSN: 0004-640X
  7. Feoli A, Benedetto E, Feleppa F (2019) “Quantum coupling between gravity and mass in the bouncing ball dynamics” European Journal of Physics ISSN: 0143-0807
  8. Iovane G, Benedetto E (2019) “Keplerian motion on a carousel. A research teaching project” Afrika Matematika ISSN: 1012-9405
  9. Iovane G, Benedetto E (2019) “Coordinate velocity and desynchronization of clocks” Annals of Physics ISSN: 0003-4916
  10. Benedetto E, Feleppa F, Licata I, Moradpour H, Corda C (2019) “On the general relativistic framework of the Sagnac effect” European Physical Journal C ISSN: 1434-6052
  11. Licata I, Iovane G, Chiatti L, Benedetto E, Tamburini F (2018) “Dark Universe and distribution of Matter as Quantum Imprinting” Physics of the Dark Universe ISSN: 2212- 6864
  12. Benedetto E (2018) “An Erlangen program for physics: a brief historical note for high school” Physics Education ISSN: 0970-5953
  13. Benedetto E (2018) “Melting Ice” Physics Education ISSN: 0031-9120
  14. Benedetto E, Feleppa F (2018) “Underlining some mathematical and physical aspects about the concept of motion in general relativity” Afrika Matematika ISSN: 1012-9405
  15. Benedetto E, Feoli A (2018) “Some remarks about the effects of acceleration on time dilation in experiments with a Mossbauer source” The European Physical Journal Plus ISSN: 2190-5444
  16. Beltramonte T, Benedetto E, Feoli A, Greco L, Zollo M L (2018) “Determination of cosmological parameters with a sample of quasars” Astronomy Reports ISSN: 1063-7729
  17. Licata I, Benedetto E (2018) “The Charge in the Lift. A Covariance Problem” Gravitation & Cosmology ISSN: 0202-2893
  18. Benedetto E (2017) “Finding Golden Mean in a Physics exercise” Physics Education ISSN: 0031-9120
  19. Benedetto E (2017) “Some remarks about flux time derivative” Afrika Matematika ISSN: 1012-9405
  20. Benedetto E, Feoli A (2017) “Underlining some aspects of the Equivalence Principle” European Journal of Physics ISSN: 0143-0807
  21. Feoli A, Benedetto E (2017) “ Dark Energy or local acceleration?” Gravitation & Cosmology ISSN: 0202-2893
  22. Feoli A,Benedetto E, Capriolo M, Feleppa F (2017) “Is Dark Energy due to an excited quantum state of the Universe?” The European Physical Journal Plus ISSN: 2190-5444
  23. BOOK: Licata I, Chiatti L, Benedetto E (2017). “De Sitter Projective Relativity” (Springer International Publishing) Hardcover ISBN : 978-3-319-52270-8
  24. Benedetto E (2016) “Teaching special relativity with real rotation matrix” Physics Education ISSN: 0970-5953

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