Prof. Jamal M. Arif

Shaqra University, Saudi Arabia



1993 Ph.D., IITR/Kanpur University, India

1988 M.Sc., Lucknow University, India

1986 B.Sc., Lucknow University, India

Publications (Selected)

  1. Raza S, Dhasmana A, Bhatt MLB, Lohani M and Arif JM. (2019) Molecular Mechanism of Cancer Susceptibility Associated with Fok1 Single Nucleotide Polymorphism of VDR in Relation to Breast Cancer. Asian Pac J Cancer Prev., 20(1): 199-206.
  2. Parveen K, Siddiqui WA, Arif JM, Kuddus M, Shahid SMA and Kausar MA. (2019) Evaluation of vegetables and fish oils for the attenuation of diabetes complications. Cellular Molec. Biol., 65(7): 38-45.
  3. Akhtar S, Khan MK, Arif JM. (2018) Evaluation and Elucidation Studies of Natural Aglycones for Anticancer Potential Using Apoptosis-related Markers: An In silico Study. Interdiscip Sci, 10(2): 297-310.
  4. Khan MKA, Akhtar S and Arif JM. (2018) Development of in silico protocols to predict structural insights into the metabolic activation pathways of xenobiotics. Interdiscip Sci., 10(2): 329-345.
  5. Ahmad SS, Akhtar S, Rizvi SMD, Kamal MA, Sayeed U, Khan MKA, Siddiqui MH, Arif JM. (2017) Screening and Elucidation of Selected Natural Compounds for Anti-Alzheimer's Potential Targeting BACE-1 Enzyme: A Case Computational Study. Curr Comput Aided Drug Des, 13(4): 311-318.
  6. Sharma N, Sharma M, Shakeel E, Jamal QMS, Kamal MA, Sayeed U, Khan MKA, Siddiqui MH, Arif JM, Akhtar S. (2018) Molecular Interaction and Computational Analytical Studies of Pinocembrin for its Antiangiogenic Potential Targeting VEGFR-2: A Persuader of Metastasis. Med Chem., 14(6): 626-640.
  7. Shakeel E, Akhtar S, Khan MKA, Lohani M, Arif JM, Siddiqui MH. (2017) Molecular docking analysis of aplysin analogs targeting survivin protein. Bioinformation, 13(9): 293-300.
  8. Singh, MP, Saxena M, Saimbi CS, Arif JM, Roy R. (2017) Metabolic profiling by 1 H NMR spectroscopy of saliva shows clear distinction between control and diseased case of periodontitis. Metabolomics, 13: 137.
  9. Khan. M.S., Khan MKA, Siddiqui MH and Arif JM. (2011) An in vivo and in silico approach to elucidate the Tocotrienol-mediated fortification against infection and inflammation induced alterations in antioxidant defense system. Eur Rev Med Pharmacol Sci, 15(8): 916-930.
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  13. Arif, J.M., Siddiqui, M.H., Akhtar, S. and Al-Sagair, O.A. (2013) Exploitation of in silico potential in prediction, validation and elucidation of mechanism of anti-angiogenesis by novel compounds: Comparative correlation between wet lab and in silico data. Int. J. Bioinformatics Res Appl., 9(4): 336-348.
  14. RaviKumar, M.N.V., Vadhanam, M.V. and Arif, J.M. (2013) Editorial of Special Issue on “Technologies in Carcinogenesis and Cancer Chemoprevention”. Cancer Letters, 334: 3-4.
  15. Arif, J.M. (2013) Editorial: In silico exploitation of molecular markers of cancer from wet lab in the mechanism-based screening of potential anticancer compounds. Res. J. of Biotechnology, 8(10): 1-2.
  16. Siddiqui, M.H., Kumar, A., Farooqui, A., Kesari, K.K. and Arif, J.M. (2011) Biodiesel production from crude oil of Jatropha curcas and Pongamia pinnata by transesterification process. Int. J. Oil, Gas and Coal Technology, 4(2): 192-206.
  17. Ahmad, I., Siddiqui, H., Akhtar, M.J., Khan, M.I., Patil, G., Ashquin, M., Patel, D.K. and Arif, J.M. (2011) Toxic responses in primary rat hepatocytes exposed with occupational dust collected from work environment of bone-based industrial units. Chemosphere, 83: 455-460.
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