Dr. Gang Shi

Research Associate

Department of Materials Science and Nano Engineering

Rice University, USA



2015, Ph.D., Materials Science and NanoEngineering, Rice University, USA

2009, B.S., Electrical Engineering, Wuhan University of Sci. and Tech., China

Research Fields

Graphene and Related Novel Two-Dimensional Materials (2DM)

Molybdenum Sulfide (MoS2) and Related Novel 2D Materials.

Next-Generation Electronics Based On Novel 2D Materials

Publications (selected)

  1. Gang Shi, et al “Boron Nitride – Graphene Nanocapacitor and the Origins of Anomalous Size-dependent Increase of Capacitance” Nano Letters., 2014, 14 (4), pp 1739–1744
  2. Gang Shi, et al “Direct chemical conversion of graphene to boron-and nitrogen-and carbon-containing atomic layers”. Nature Communication 3, 879 (2014).
  3. X Wang, Y Gong, Gang Shi, et al "Chemical Vapor Deposition Growth of Crystalline Monolayer MoSe2" ACS Nano.1021/nn501175k
  4. Y Gong, J Lin, X Wang, Gang Shi, et al “Vertical and in-plane Heterostructures from WS2/MoS2 Atomic Layers” Nature Materials doi:10.1038/nmat4091 (2014)
  5. Z Liu, L Hu, J Liu, Gang Shi, et al, “Correlation between Droplet-Induced Strain Actuation and Voltage Generation in Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube Films” Nano letters 11 (12), 5117-5122
  6. Y Gong, Z Liu, A Lupini, Gang Shi, et al “Band Gap Engineering and Layer-by-Layer Mapping of Selenium-doped Molybdenum Disulfide” Nano letters 14 (2), pp 442–449 (2014)
  7. W Gao, J Shu, K Reichel, DV Nickel, X He, Gang Shi et al "High-Contrast Terahertz Wave Modulation by Gated Graphene Enhanced by Extraordinary Transmission through Ring Apertures" - Nano letters, 2014
  8. S. Najmaei, Z. Liu, W. Zhou, X. Zou, Gang Shi, et al “Vapor Phase Growth and Grain Boundary Structure of Molybdenum Disulfide Atomic Layers”. Nature Materials 12 (8), 754-759 (2013)
  9. S Lei, L Ge, Z Liu, S Najmaei, Gang Shi, et al "Synthesis and Photoresponse of Large GaSe Atomic Layers" - Nano letters, 2013
  10. L Cao, S Yang, W Gao, Z Liu, Y Gong, L Ma, Gang Shi, et al "Direct Laser Patterned Micro-Supercapacitors from Paintable MoS2 Films" - Small, 2013
  11. Gang Shi, et al “Excitation and Active Control of Propagating Surface Plasmon Polaritons in Graphene” Nano letters 13 (8), 3698-3702 (2013)
  12. Z. Liu.; L. Ma, Gang Shi, et al “In-plane heterostructures of graphene  and hexagonal boron nitride with controlled domain sizes”. Nature Nanotechnology 8, 119–124 (2013)
  13. Z. Liu.; Y. Zhan, Gang Shi, et al “Anomalous high capacitance in a coaxial single nanowire capacitor”. Nature Communication 3, 879 (2012).

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