Prof. Choon-Geol Moon

Hanyang University, Korea (South)


1987 Ph.D. Economics, Stanford University, USA

1981 B.A.   Economics, Seoul National University, Korea (South)

Publications (Selected)

  1. Eom, Sun Hee and Choon-Geol Moon, “Income-related inequalities in health care finance and self-assessed health in Korea from 1999 to 2007: Measurements based on KLIPS survey data,”The Korean Journal of Health Economics and Policy16 (1), April 2010, 35-61. (in Korean).
  2. Moon, Choon-Geol, “Dynamic analysis of production structure and total factor productivity of Korea,”Korea Review of Applied Economics11 (2), September 2009, 5-38. (in Korean).
  3. Moon, Choon-Geol, “How to construct a consistent time series from multiple data sources with differences in aggregation and survey periodicity,”Korea Review of Applied Economics11 (1), June 2009, 215-228. (in Korean).
  4. Moon, Choon-Geol and Suduk Kim, “Estimation and prediction of the heat load profile using weather and heating/cooling data: An application of the multilevel model,”Environmental and Resource Economics Review16 (4), December 2007, 803-832. (in Korean).
  5. Moon, Choon-Geol, “Panel FGLS estimation and prediction in the multilevel model/the linear mixed-effect model,”The Hanyang Journal of Economic Studies28 (1), May 2007, 89-102. (in Korean).
  6. Moon, Choon-Geol, “Evaluating spillover effects of R&D capital and IT capital based on backward/forward spillover stocks and backward/forward multipliers,”The Hanyang Journal of Economic Studies27 (2), November 2006, 21-60. (in Korean).
  7. Bahk, Jaewan and Choon-Geol Moon, “Measuring public sector performance based on DEA: An application to Korea Energy Management Corporation,”Korean Journal of Public Finance21 (1), August 2006, 69-96. (in Korean).
  8. Moon, Choon-Geol, “Fixed-mobile convergence and competition in the telecom market, and their implications for the evolution of the regulatory framework,”The Hanyang Journal of Economic Studies26 (2), November 2005, 1-11. (in Korean).
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  16. Moon, Choon-Geol and Jongho Hong, “Monetary loss estimates of the domestic fruit industry with the effectuation of Korea-Chile FTA,”Korea Review of Applied Economics6 (1), June 2004, 5-48. (in Korean).
  17. Moon, Choon-Geol, “International competitiveness of Korean IT products,”The Hanyang Journal of Economic Studies25 (1), May 2004, 1-54. (in Korean).

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