Prof. Dr. Kamal Aldin Niknami

Department of Archaeology

University of Tehran, Iran

Professor for Archaeology



2000 Ph.D., Archaeological Methods, Sheffield University, UK

1989 M.A., Archaeology, Tarbiat Modares University, Iran

1984 B.A., Archaeology, Tehran University, Iran

Research Fields

Techniques of Archaeology

Landscape Archaeology

Quantitative Archaeology

Publications (selected)

  1. NIKNAMI, K.A. and ASKARPOUR, V., 2013, A GIS modelingof prehistoric site distribution in the Sarfirouzabad Plain of Kermanshah, Northwestern Iran,International Journal of Heritage in the Digital Era 2 (3): 343-359.
  2. MOHAMADIFAR Y., and NIKNAMI, K.A., 2013, Parthian settlement patterns in the Central Zagros region of Western Iran, International Journal of Archaeology, 2013; 1(1): 6-12.
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  4. NIKNAMI, K.A., HRANDOUST, H., and TAHMASEBI, A., 2013,Environmental and cultural factors hnfluencing Parthian archaeological site distribution in the Sarfirouzabad plain of Kermanshah, Northwest of Iran, International Journal of Geosiences, 4: 69-77.
  5. NIKNAMI, K.A., HRANDOUST, H., and TAHMASEBI, A., 2013,Environmental and Cultural Factors Influencing Parthian Archaeological Site Distribution in the Sarfirouzabad Plain of Kermanshah, Northwest of Iran, International Journal of Geosiences, 4: 69-77.
  6. NIKNAMI K.A., NOURI, S., and OLYAEE, P., 2012,Compositional analysis in identifying obsidian artifact groups: case study from the Northwestern Iranian archaeological sites, Science Series Data Report Journal,Vol.4, No. 11;Nov 2012.
  7. BALMAKI, B., and NIKNAMI, K.A., 2012,Survey of new discovered Chalcolithic sites in northern hillside of Alvandmountains (eastern central Zagros mountains), Researcher 4 (10).
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  18. NIKNAMI, K.A., 2006, Perspective theorique de l’evaluation de la sensibilite des sites du paysage archeogiqe selon une double approche: statistique et prospection au sol. un cas d’etude d’Iran. Archeologia e Calcolatori 17: 83-96.
  19. NIKNAMI, K.A., 2005, Iran: Archaeological heritage in crises: developing an effective management system for archaeology. Journal of Cultural Heritage 6 (4): 345-350.
  20. NIKNAMI, K.A., 2004, Whither Iranian archaeology: an overview of the Iranian perspective on theoretical archaeology. International Journal of Humanities. University of Tarbiat Moddaress, 11: 5-21.

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