Prof. Hajime Eto

University of Tsukuba, Japan

Professor emeritus


Publications (selected)

  1. H. Eto (single authorship): Preface: Technological Systems Assessment in Public Service. International Journal of Services Technology and Management, vol. 1, pp. 299-301. 2000.
  2. H. Matsumoto and H. Eto:Pleasure Boat no Jiko to Hoken nit suite no Genjou Bunseki (Quantitative Analysis of Risks of Pleasure-boats and Related Insurance), Chiba Keizai Ronsou (The Proceeding3 of Chiba Keizai University), vol.25, pp. 71-100. 2001.
  3. H. Eto (single authorship):Kaioyo Kaihatsu ni okeru Risk Gainenn no Kentou to Shin Hoken Shijou no Kanousei Examination of Risks in Ocean Development and the Posibility of New Insurance. Chiba Keizai Ronsou (The Proceedings of Chiba Keizai University) vol.25, pp.101-128. 2001.
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  11. H. Eto (single authorship): Kagaku Gijutsu to Jinbun-gaku no Houhouronteki Kouryu–Shouwa no Ougai ni okeru Igaku to Jinbun-gaku no Renkan (Methodological Transfer between Science&Technology and Humanities, Interdisciplinary Relationship between Medical Science and the Humanities in the Case of Dr. Ota). Chiba Keizai Ronsou (The Proceedings of Chiba Keizai University) vol.34, pp.1-52. 2006.
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  17. H. Eto (single authorship): “Intellectual human capital fosterage in locals by schoolteacher-tourism linkage, International Journal of Learning and Intellectual Capital, Vol.10, pp.165–182, 2013.

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