Prof. Maolin Cai

School of Automation Science and Electrical Engineering
Beihang University, CHINA
Professor for mechatronic engineering

Email: (preferred),


2002 Ph.D., Precision Machinery System, Tokyo Institute Technology, JAPAN

1996 M.S., Fluid power transmission and control engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology, CHINA

1993 B.S., Fluid power transmission and control engineering, North China University of Technology, CHINA

Research Fields

Fluid Power Control

Fluid mechanics

Measurement technology of flow

Publications (selected)

  1. Yu Q, Cai M, Shi Y, et al., 2014. Optimization of the Energy Efficiency of a Piston Compressed Air Engine. Strojniški vestnik-Journal of Mechanical Engineering, vol. 60, no. 6: 395-406. ISSN: 0039-2480. Available from:
  2. Zhang Y, Cai M, 2014. Overall life cycle comprehensive assessment of pneumatic and electric actuator[J]. Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering, vol. 27, no. 3, pp. 584-594. ISSN: 1000-9345. Available from:
  3. Xu Q, Cai M, Shi Y, 2014. Dynamic heat transfer model for temperature drop analysis and heat exchange system design of the air-powered engine system.Energy,vol.68,pp. 877-885. ISSN: 0360-5442.Available from:
  4. Liao P, Cai M, Shi Y, et al, 2013. Compressed air leak detection based on time delay estimation using a portable multi-sensor ultrasonic detector. Measurement Science and Technology, vol. 24, no. 5, pp. 055102. ISSN: 0957-0233. Available from:
  5. Shi Y, Cai M, 2013. Dimensionless Study on Output Flow Characteristics of Expansion Energy Used Pneumatic Pressure Booster. Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement, and Control, vol. 135, no. 2, pp. 021007. ISSN: 0022-0434. Available from:
  6. Fan Z, Cai M, Xu W, 2012. Non-invasive and non-intrusive gas flow measurement based on the dynamic thermal characteristics of a pipeline. Measurement Science and Technology, vol. 23, no. 10, pp. 105303. ISSN: 0957-0233. Available from:
  7. Shi Y, Cai M, Xu W, et al, 2012. Flow characteristics of expansion energy used pneumatic booster. Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering, vol. 25, no. 5, pp. 889-896. ISSN: 1000-9345. Available from:
  8. Fan Z, Cai M, Wang H, 2012. An improved denoising algorithm based on wavelet transform modulus maxima for non-intrusive measurement signals. Measurement Science and Technology, vol. 23, no. 4, pp. 045007. ISSN: 0957-0233.Available from:
  9. Shi Y, Cai M, 2011. Working characteristics of two kinds of air-driven boosters. Energy Conversion and Management, vol. 52, no. 12, pp. 3399-3407. ISSN: 0196-8904. Available from:
  10. Cai M, Xu W, 2010. Self-sustained oscillation pulsed air blowing system for energy saving. Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering, vol. 23, no. 3, pp. 317-326. ISSN: 1000-9345.
    Available from:
  11. Shi Y, Cai M, 2012. Dimensionless study on outlet flow characteristics of an air-driven booster. Journal of Zhejiang University SCIENCE A, vol. 13, no. 6, pp. 481-490. ISSN: 1673-565X. Available from:

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