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Dr. S. Balakumar

National Centre for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

University of Madras, Guindy Campus, India

Email:balasuga@yahoo.com, balakumar@unom.ac.in


1995 Ph.D., Anna University, Materials Science

1990 M.Phil., University of Madras, Materials Science

1989 M.Sc., Bharathiyar University, Physics

1987 B.Sc., Bharathiyar University, Physics

Publications (selected)

  1. R. Ajay Rakkesh, S. Balakumar (2014) Structural, electrical transport and optical studies of Li ion doped ZnO nanostructures, Processing and Application of Ceramics, 8, 7–13.
  2. S. Mohan, Balakumar S,Indranil Bhaumik, P. K.Gupta, and S. N. Jaisankar, (2014,) Nanostructured Bi(1-x)Gd(x)FeO3 – A Multiferroic Photocatalyst on its Sunlight Driven Photocatalytic Activity, RSC Adv., 4, 16871-16878.
  3. Tamilselvan A, Balakumar S, Sakar M, C.Nayek, Murugavel P and Saravana kumar K, (2014), Role of oxygen vacancy and Fe–O–Fe bond angle in compositional, magnetic, and dielectric relaxation on Eu-substituted BiFeO3 nanoparticles, Dalton Trans., 43, 5731-5738.
  4. C. Nayek, A. Tamilselvan, Ch. Thirmal, P. Murugavel and S. Balakumar, (2014), Origin of enhanced magnetization in rare earth doped multiferroic bismuth ferrite, J. Appl. Phys. 115, 073902 .
  5. S. Mohan and Balakumar S., (2013), A strategy to fabricate bismuth ferrite (BiFeO3) nanotubes from electrospun nanofibers and their solar light-driven photocatalytic properties, RSC Adv.,3, 23737.
  6. M. Sakar, S. Balakumar, P. Saravanan, S. N. Jaisankar, (2013) Annealing temperature mediated physical properties of bismuth ferrite (BiFeO3) nanostructures synthesized by a novel wet chemical method, Mat. Res. Bul., 48,2878–2885
  7. P. Sundara Venkatesh, S. Balakumar and and K. Jeganathan, (2014), Post annealing effects on the structural and optical properties of vertically aligned undoped ZnO nanorods grown by radio frequency magnetron sputtering, RSC Adv., 4, 5030.
  8. Sakar M., Parthiban P. and Balakumar S. (2013), Synthesis of Silver and Silver/Gold Anisotropic Nanostructures for Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Applications, J. Nanosci. & Nanotech, 13, 8190-8198.

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