Prof. Abraham (Rami) Rudnick

St Joseph's Healthcare, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences

McMaster University



Research fields

Bioethics, mental health ethics, philosophy of health research, Psychiatric rehabilitation (re vocational, educational, leisure and health environments), smart mental health technology, Social determinants of mental health


1999 MPsych, Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, Israel, Graduate – Masters in Psychiatry, Tel Aviv, Israel

1999 PhD, School of Cultural Sciences, Faculty of Humanities, Tel Aviv University, Israel, Graduate – Doctorate in Philosophy, Tel Aviv, Israel

1990 MD, School of Medicine, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel, Graduate – Medical Doctorate, Jerusalem, Israel

1985 MD, School of Medicine, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel, Graduate – Medical Doctorate, Jerusalem, Israel

Publications (selected)

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  25. Rudnick A, Eastwood D. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Education for physicians. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, 36(2):126-127, 2013. Principal Author.

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