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Prof. Janna Smirnova
University of Calabria, Italy

Email: janna.smirnova@unical.it


2007  Ph.D., University of Calabria, Cosenza, Italy

2005  M.A., University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
2002  Magisterial degree, University of Calabria, Cosenza, Italy
1999  Magisterial degree, Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology-Technical University, Moscow, Russia

Publications (Selected)

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  2. “Entrepreneurship, rent-seeking spillovers and decreasing returns. A microeconomic approach”, Acta Oeconomica (Akademiai), 2009, 59, 79-89 (with D. Infante) [Impact factor: 0.273 (2012)].
  3. “The demand for beer in presence of past consumption and advertising in the Czech Republic”, Agricultural Economics - Zemedelska Ekonomika (Czech Academy of Agricultural Sciences), 2011, 57, 589–599 (with C. Castiglione, L. Grochovà and D. Infante) [Impact factor: 0.716 (2009)].
  4. “Some notes on modelling the relationship between the environment and institutional context”, Modern Economy (Scientific Research), 2011, 2,18-24 (with D. Infante).
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  8. “Information and communication technologies and performance of firms in Italy”, Organisator Proizvodstva (Voronezh State Technical University), 2012, 52, 136-140 (with C. Castiglione).
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  10. “Russian high-tech business incubators: functional-and-value analysis approach”, International Journal of Economics and Business Research (Inderscience Publishers), forthcoming (with D. Infante and N.K. Moiseeva).