Dr. Christer Jansson

Lawrence Berkeley Natl. Lab. (LBNL)

Program Lead, Bioenergy, Earth Sciences Div. (LBNL)

Senior Staff Scientist



Postdoctoral training, Michigan State University, Mol. Microbiology.

Ph.D., Lund University, Sweden, Biochemistry.

B.Sc., Lund University, Sweden, Biochemistry/Microbiology.

Selected Publications

  1. Zhang, M.-Z., Fang, J.-H., Yan, X., Bao, J.-S., Fransson, G., Andersson, R., Jansson, C., Åman, P., and Sun, C. (2012) Molecular insights into how a deficiency of amylose affects carbon allocation – carbohydrate and oil analyses and gene expression profiling in the seeds of a rice waxy mutant. BMC Plant Biol. 12:230, doi:10.1186/1471-2229-12-230.
  2. Hu, P., Borglin, S., Kamennaya, N.A., Chen, L., Park, H., Mahoney, L., Kijac, A., Shan, G., Chavarría, K.L., Zhang, C., Quinn, N.W.T., Wemmer, D., Holman, H.-Y., and Jansson, C. (2012) Metabolic phenotyping of the cyanobacterium Synechocystis 6803 engineered for production of alkanes and free fatty acids. Applied Energy 102, 850-859.
  3. Kamennaya, N. A., Ajo-Fanklin, C., Northen, T., and Jansson, C. (2012) Cyanobacteria as biocatalysts for carbonate mineralization. Minerals 2, 338-364.
  4. Jansson, C. (2011) Employing cyanobacteria for biofuel synthesis and CCS. In: Solar Energy (Radu, R. ed.), InTech, pp 367-378.
  5. Jansson, C. (2011) Metabolic engineering of cyanobacteria for direct conversion of CO2 to hydrocarbon biofuels. Progress in Botany 73, 81-93.

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