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Dr. P. S. Suresh
Division of Biomedical Sciences School of Biosciences and Technology

Vellore Institute of Technology University, India

Assistant Professor

Email: surepadman@gmail.com/surepadman@rediffmail.com


2010 Ph.D., Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India
2004 M.Sc., Medical Biochemistry, JIPMER, Pondicherry, India
1999 B.Sc., Medical Laboratory Technology, Christian Medical College and Hospital, Vellore, India

Publications (Selected)

  1. Padmanaban Suresh, Peroumal Doureradjou, Dalavikodihalli NanjaiahNandakumar and Bidhan Chandra Koner, Effect of Restraint StressDuration on Humoral Immune Response in Albino Rats: Modulation by
  2. Chlordiazepoxide.Immunopharmacology and immunotoxicology.,30:2008.
  3. Padmanaban S sureshand Rudraiah Medhamurthy, Dynamics ofcirculating concentrations of gonadotropins and ovarian hormonesthroughout the menstrual cycle in the bonnet monkey: role of inhibin A inthe regulation of
    follicle-stimulating hormone secretion.American journalof primatology., 71:2009
  4. Devendra N Kage, Vijaykumar B Malashetty, YN Seetharam,PadmanabanS Suresh, Saraswati B Patil, Effect of Ethanol Extract of Whole Plant ofTrichosanthes cucumerina var. cucumerina L. on Gonadotropins, OvarianFollicular Kinetics and Estrous Cycle for Screening of Antifertility Activity inAlbino Rats.Int. J Morphol., 27: 2009
  5. Vijay K Yadav, Santhanam Balaji*,Padmanaban S Suresh*, X Sherry Liu,Xin Lu, Zhishan Li, X Edward Guo, J John Mann, Anil K Balapure, MichaelD Gershon, Rudraiah Medhamurthy, Marc Vidal, Gerard Karsenty, PatriciaDucy, Pharmacological inhibition of gut-derived serotonin synthesis is apotential bone anabolic treatment for osteoporosis.Nature medicine,16:2010 (*Equal contribution).FACULTY OF 1000 Biology/Medicine reviewed.
  6. Padmanaban S Suresh, Kadthur C Jayachandra and RudraiahMedhamurthy, The effect of progesterone replacement on gene expressionin the corpus luteum during induced regression and late luteal phase in thebonnet monkey (Macaca radiata). Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology, 9:20, 2011.
  7. Padmanaban S Suresh*, Thangarasu Rajan and Rie Tsutsumi, Newtargets for old hormones: inhibins clinical role revisited.Endocrine journal.01/2011; 58:223-35. (*Corresponding author)
  8. Padmanaban S Suresh*, Venkatesh Thejaswini and Thangarasu Rajan,Factors associated with 2009 pandemic influenza A (H1N1) vaccinationacceptance among university students from India during the post-pandemic phase.BMC infectious diseases. 07/2011; 11:205 (* Correspondingauthor) HIGHLY accessed article Songwang Hou,Padmanaban S Suresh, Xiaomei Qi, Adrienne Lepp, Shama P. Mirza, and Guan Chen p38γ MAPK signals throughphosphorylating its phosphatase PTPH1 in regulating Ras oncogenesisand stress responseJ Biol Chem. 287:27895-905, 2012
  9. Padmanaban S Sureshand Rudraiah Medhamurthy, Luteinizing hormoneregulates inhibin-αsubunit in the macaque corpus luteum through multiplesignaling pathways involving Steroidogenic Factor-1 and Beta-catenin.Growth Factors, 30(3): 192–206, 2012
  10. Padmanaban S Sureshand Bidhan Chandra Koner, Effect of acute andchronic stress on WBC count: Modulation by Chlordiazepoxide.Immunopharmacology and Immunotoxicology34:586-9, 2012
  11. Padmanaban S Suresh*, Thangarasu Rajan and Rajesh Kannan,Psychosocial determinants of 2009 pandemic influenza A (H1N1) vaccineacceptability among health-care workers during the post-pandemic phase:A survey from India.J Infect. 2012 65:90-3. (*Corresponding author)
  12. Padmanaban S Suresh*, Thangarasu Rajan, Single nucleotidepolymorphisms in genes that are common targets of luteotropin andluteolysin in primate corpus luteum: Computational explorationGene511:353-7, 2012(*Corresponding author)
  13. Padmanaban S Suresh, Medhamurthy R Studies on reactivation ofregressing bonnet monkey. corpus luteum on day 1 of menses: A pilotstudy”Syst Biol Reprod Med. 59 :1-4. 2013
  14. Padmanaban S Suresh*, Thejaswini Venkatesh Computationalinterrogation of cis-regulatory elements of genes that are common targetsof luteotropin and luteolysin in the primate corpus luteum.Gene.515:403-9  2013. (*Corresponding author)
  15. Padmanaban S Suresh* e t al., Molecular pathology and therapy ofendometriosis revistedAndrology and Gynecology: Curr Res 1:3, 2013(*Corresponding author)
  16. Thejaswini Venkateshand Padmanaban S Suresh*. Exploration of singlenucleotide polymorphisms in components of P bodies: in silico approach.Gene10;528(2):360-3, 2013 (*Corresponding author)

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