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Dr. P. Sanjeevikumar

School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Dublin Institute of Technology, Ireland

Lead Researcher, Senior post-Doc Research Fellow

Email: sanjeevi_12@yahoo.co.in


2012 Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, University of Bologna, Italy

2006 M.Tech., Electrical Drives and Control (Power Electronics), Pondicherry University, India

2002 B.E, Electrical and Electronics, Madras University, India

Publications (selected)

  1. P.Sanjeevikumar, G.Grandi, A.Iqbal, Y.Gritli, “Control Strategies for Quad-Inverter Multiphase-Multilevel AC Drives in Fault Condition”,submitted for Energies Journal, MDPI Publishers-SCI Indexed, Switzerland, 2013. (Under Review). Impact Factor 2.087.
  2. G.Grandi,P.Sanjeevikumar,Y.Gritli,F.Filippetti, “Analysis and validation of fault-tolerant control strategies for quad-inverter AC motor drives”,submitted for IEEE Trans. On Power and Energy Systems (PES)2012.(Under Review).
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  5. J.L.Febin Daya, V.Subbiah, P.Sanjeevikumar, “Robust Speed Control of an Induction Motor Drive using Wavelet-fuzzy based Self-tuning Multi-resolution Controller”,in International Journal of Computational Intelligence System(IJCIS), Atlantis Press and Taylor & Francis publications, vol.6, No. 4,pp.724-738, 10 May 2013. ISSN: 1875-6891/1875-6883.
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