Prof. Olga Dm. Kutsenko

Social Structure and Social Relations Department at Faculty of Sociology

Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, UKraine




2003 Academic rank of Professor in Sociology (the High Certifying Commission of Ukraine)

2001 Degree of Doctor of Science in Sociology, Kharkiv National University, Ukraine

1990 Candidate of Science in Philosophy (PhD), Kharkiv State University, USSR

1983 Qualification Degree (Diploma) in Sociology and Political Economy (MS), Kharkiv State University

Publications (selected)

  1. Social Classes and Political Mobilization (comparative analyses of European states through the prism of three types of class cleavages). In: Sociology: Theory, Method, Marketing. No.3, 2012. (In Russian and Ukrainian)
  2. Legacy of State-Socialism in Political Culture of contemporary Ukrainian Sociaties. In: Visnyk of Kharkiv National University named after V.Karazin, Vol. 993-2012. pp.79-88. (In Russian)
  3. Welfare state in expectations of citizens: Ukrainian society in European prospects. In: Visnyk of Kharkiv National University named after V.Karazin, Vol. 941-2011. pp. 111-124. (In Ukrainian) with A.Gorbachyk
  4. Study of regularities in post_Socialist transformation in Eastern Europe. In: Visnyk of Kyiv National University named after T. Shevchenko, No. 1-2, 2011. (In Russian)
  5. Individualism-Universalism Duality and Social Classes: comparing Ukraine, Poland, and Germany/Olga Kutsenko. In: New Europe: Growth to Limits? Edited by Sven Eliaeson & Nadezhda Georgieva. The Bardwell Press, Oxford, UK, 2010. pp.371-409.
  6. The Master’s Portrait through a Fortune of the Service Class and Its Sociological Conceptualizing in the 20thcentury/Ukrainian Sociological Review. Named after Natalia Panina, 2008-2009. Institute of Sociology NAN Ukraine, Kyiv, 2011. pp.120-132.
  7. Turkish Minorities in Europe: Towards Societal Integration or the Rise of “Parallel Societies”?/Olga Kutsenko. In: Neinz Fassmann, Max Haller, David Lane. Migration and Mobility in Europe. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, UK. 2010. pp.191-208.
  8. Ukraine under Societal Transformation: Quo Vadis?\Ukrainian Sociological Review, 2006-2007.–Kyiv: Institute of Sociology NASU, 2009. pp.58-74.
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  10. The Migration of the Crimean Tatars/Olga Kutsenko. In: Interethnic Integration in five European societies Nikolai Genov (Ed.). Hamburg: KRAMER, 2008.
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  14. Ukraine: the hard road to independence/ Olha Kutsenko/The Analyst. The Central and East European Journal. Vol.2, No.3, September 2006. Budapest. pp. 17-34.
  15. Changing Diversities: Vectors, Dimensions and Context of Post-Communist Transformation. Ed. by O. Kutsenko, S.Babenko. Kharkiv, CEP/CEU: Kharkiv University Publishers, 2004. 340p.
  16. Post-Communist Transformations: vectors, changes, content O. Kutsenko (Ed.). –Kharkiv: Kharkiv University Publishers, 2004. 420p.
  17. Process and Outcomes of Economic and Political Elite Networks Crystallization (the case of Ukraine)/Kutsenko O. In: Gyцrgy Lengyel (Ed.) Cohesion and Division of Economic  Elites in Central and Eastern Europe. Budapest: Corvinus University of Budapest, Centre for Empirical Social Research, 2004. pp. 205-221.
  18. About Some Social and Structural Outcomes of Institutional Changes in Ukrainian Societe/Kutsenko Olga/Ukrainian Sociological Review, 2000-2001.–Kyiv: Institute of sociology NASU, 2003. pp. 58-65.
  19. Post-Soviet Social Іdentification: to the new sociality?/Olga Kutsenko/Entstaatlichung und soziale Sicherheit. Verhandlungen des 31. Kongresses der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Soziologie in Leipzig 2002/Allmendinger, Jutta (Hg.). 2 Bände, 2003.
  20. Class formation process in Ukrainian society: the post-Communist dynamics/ Olha Kutsenko/Sysiphus. Social Studies. IFIS PAN Journal. Vol. XVI, 2002. pp. 137-152.

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