Prof. Aqueil Ahmad

Elon University, USA




2006-2014 Professor, Walden University, Minneapolis

1995-2005 Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, University of North Carolina – Greensboro (UNCG)

1988-1991 Senior Associate, Southern Technology Council of the Southern Growth Policies Board, North Carolina

1963 Ph.D., (social psychology), Aligarh University, India

1956 M.S., (psychology), Aligarh University, India

1954 B.S., (chemistry, zoology, botany), Aligarh University, India

Publications (selected)

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  2. Redefining Globalization, Journal of Globalization Studies, Vol.3, No.2, 2012.
  3. Technology, Industry, and Society in the Peoples’ Republic of China: Past, Present, and the Future–Lessons for the World, Sociology of Science & Technology, 2, 4, Nov.2011. (Publication of the Institute for the History of Science and Technology–the Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg).
  4. Globalization of Nuclear Technology and Threat: Myth and Reality, International Journal of Contemporary Sociology, 46, 1, April 2009, pp.92-111.
  5. India and China: Conflict, Competition, and Cooperation in the Age of Globalization, Globalization, Second Special Issue, December 2007 (online).
  6. (with Michael Sileno): Pre-and Post-9/11 Sociological Response to Terrorism, International Journal of Contemporary Sociology, 42, 2, October 2005.
  7. Science and Society in Cuba in the Context of Techno-Economic Globalization, Journal of Business Chemistry, 2, 3, September, 2005. (
  8. Globalization, Without Global Consciousness, Humanity & Society, 27, 2, May 2003.
  9. An Exploratory, Comparative Perspective on the Dynamics of Conflict in American Professional Organizations, The Journal of Applied Sociology, 20, 2, 2003 and Sociological Practice, 5, 2, 2003.
  10. A Conceptual and Clinical Model of Youth Violence in America, Special Joint Issue: The Journal of Applied Sociology, 20, 1, 2003; and Sociological Practice, 5, 1, 2003.
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  15. Evaluating Appropriate Technology for Development: Before and After, Evaluation Review,13, 3, June 1989.
  16. (with M. Radnor and J. Strauss) Technology Transfer from Japan Aids Small Business in Illinois, Commerce, August 1986.
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  22. Toward Closer Links between Science and Society in India: A Futuristic Formula, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 25, 3, May 1984.

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