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Dr. Gyeong-Hun Baeg

Department of Anatomy, YLL School of Medicine

National University of Singapore, Singapore

Assistant Professor

Email: antbgh@nus.edu.sg


1999  Ph.D., in Biomedical Science (Physiology), Osaka University School of Medicine, Japan

1993  M.Sc., in Biology, Hokkaido University, Japan

Publications (selected)

  1. KimB.-H.,KimM,, YinC.H., Jee J.-G., Sandoval C., LeeH.,BachE.A., Hahm D.-H.andBaegG.-H.(2011).Inhibition of JAK3 activity alleviates inflammation in monoarthritic rats.British Journal of Pharmacology164:106-118.
  2. Kim B.-K., Jee J.-G., Yin C.H., Sandoval C., Jayabose S., Kitamura D., Bach E.A. andBaeg G.-H.(2010). NSC114792, a novel small molecule identified through structure-based computationaldatabase screening, selectively inhibits JAK3.Molecular Cancer9:36.
  3. Kim B.-H., Oh S.R., Yin C.H., Lee S., Kim E.A., Kim M.S., Sandoval C., Jayabose S., Bach E.A., Lee H.K. andBaeg G.-H.*(2010).MS-1020 is a novel small molecule that selectively inhibits JAK3activity.British Journal of Haematology148:132-43.
  4. Kim B.K., Yin, C.H., GuoQ., BachE.A., LeeH., SandovalC., JayaboseS., Hall D. andBaeg G.-H.(2008).A small molecule compound identified through a cell-based screeninginhibits JAK/STAT pathway signaling in human cancer cells.Molecular Cancer Therapeutics7:2672-80.
  5. Bach A., Ekas L.A., Ayala A., Perrimon N.andBaeg G.-H.(2007).GFP reporters detect the activation of the Drosophila JAK/STAT pathwayin vivo.Gene Expression Pattern7; 323-331.
  6. Ayala-Camargo A., Ekas L.A., Flaherty M.S.,Baeg G.-H.and Bach EA. (2007). The JAK/STAT regulates proximo-distal patterning inDrosophila.Developmental Dynamics236; 2721-2730.
  7. Ekas A. L.,Baeg G.-H., et al. (2006). JAK/STAT signaling Promotes regional specification by negatively regulating winglessexpression inDrosophila.Development133; 4721-4729.
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