Giovanni Venturoli

Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology

University of Bologna, Italy

Associate Professor


1978 Ph.D., University of Bologna, Italy, Biophysics

Publications (Selected)

  1. Malferrari, M., Mezzetti, A., Francia, F., Venturoli, G. (2013), Effects of dehydration on light-induced conformational changes in bacterial photosynthetic reaction centers probed by optical and differential FTIR spectroscopy., Biochimica et Biophysica Acta. Bioenergetics 1827, 328-339.
  2. Malferrari, M. Francia, F., Venturoli, G. (2011) Coupling between Electron Transfer and Protein-Solvent Dynamics: FTIR and Laser-Flash Spectroscopy Studies in Photosynthetic Reaction Center Films at Different Hydration Levels, The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 115, 14732-14750.
  3. Francia, F., Dezi M., Mallardi, A., Palazzo, G., Cordone, L. and G. Venturoli (2008), Protein-matrix coupling/uncoupling in “dry” systems of photosynthetic reaction center embedded in trehalose/sucrose: the origin of trehalose peculiarity, Journal of the American Chemical Society 130, 10240-10246.
  4. Veronesi, G., Giachini, L., Francia, F., Mallardi, A., Palazzo, G., Boscherini, F. and G. Venturoli (2008) The Fe2+ site of photosynthetic reaction centers probed by multiple scattering XAFS spectroscopy: improving structure resolution in dry matrices, Biophysical Journal 95, 814-822.
  5. Giachini, L., Francia, F., Veronesi, G., Lee, D.W., Daldal, F., Huang, L.S., Berry, E.A., Cocco, T., Papa, S., Boscherini, F. and G. Venturoli (2007), X-ray absorption studies of Zn2+ binding sites in bacterial, avian, and bovine cytochrome bc1 complexes, Biophysical Journal 93, 2934-2951.
  6. Francia, F., Palazzo, G., Mallardi, A., Cordone, L. and Venturoli, G. (2003) Residual water modulates QA-to QBelectron transfer in bacterial reaction centers embedded in trehalose amorphous matrices, Biophysical Journal 85, 2760-2775.

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