Dr. Ksenija Borojevic

Fiske Center for Archaeological Research

University of Massachusetts, USA

Research Associate Scientist



1998  Ph.D., Anthropology, Washington University in St. Louis, USA

1994  M.A., Anthropology, Washington University in St. Louis, USA

1990  M.A., Archaeology, University of Belgrade, Serbia (Yugoslavia)

1983  B.A., Archaeology, University of Belgrade, Serbia (Yugoslavia)

Research Fields




Publications (Selected)

  1. Borojevic, K. (2006) Terra and Silva in the Pannonian Plain: Opovo agro-gathering in the Late Neolithic. BAR International Series S1563, Archaeopress, Oxford, 185 pp.
  2. Borojevic, K. (2009) Water chestnuts (Trapanatans L.) as controversial plants: Botanical, ethno-historical and archaeological evidence. In From Foragers to Farmers: Papers in Honor of Gordon C. Hillman, edited by A. S. Fairbairn and E. Weiss. Oxbow Books, Oxford, pp. 86–97.
  3. Borojevic, K. (2006) Archaeobotanical Finds. In Megiddo IV: the 1998–2002 Seasons, edited by Israel Finkelstein, D. Ussishkin and B. Halpern. Emery and Clair Yass Publications in Archaeology, Tel-Aviv, pp. 519–541.
  4. Borojevic, K. and Mountain, R. (2013) Microscopic identification and sourcing of ancient Egyptian plant fibers using longitudinal thin sectioning. Archaeometry, 55:81–112.
  5. Borojevic, K. and Mountain, R. (2012) The ropes of Pharaohs: The source of cordage from “Rope Cave” at Mersa/WadiGawasis revisited. Journal of Archaeological Research in Egypt 47:131-141.
  6. Borojevic, K. (2011) Interpreting, dating, and reevaluating the botanical assemblage from tell Kedesh: a case study of historical contamination.Journal of Archaeological Science 38:829-842.
  7. Borojevic, K., Steiner, W. E., Gerisch, R., Zazzaro, C., and Ward, C. (2010) Pests in an ancient Egyptian harbor. Journal of Archaeological Science 37:2449–2458.
  8. Borojevic, K. (2009) Kulturnaistorijavodenogoraha (Trapanatans L.) odpraistorije do danas [In Serbian with abstract and summary in English: Cultural history of water nut (Trapanatans L.) from prehistory until present-day]. Rad MuzejaVojvodine 51:159–173.
  9. Borojevic, K., Forenbaher, S., Kaiser, T., and Berna, F. (2008) Plant use at Grapčeva Cave and in the eastern Adriatic Neolithic. Journal of Field Archaeology 33:279-303.
  10. Borojevic, K. (2005) Nutrition and environment in medieval Serbia: Charred cereal, weed and fruit remains from the fortress of Ras. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany 14:453–464.

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