Prof. Ali Khalaf Al-Matar

Chemical Engineering Department

University of Jordan, Jordan

Associate Professor


Research fields:

Molecular Dynamics

Monte Carlo Simulations

Force field development

Equations of state and their mixing rules


2002 Ph.D., Chem. Eng., New Mexico State University, USA

1994 M.Sc., Chem. Eng., University of Jordan, Jordan

1990 B.Sc., Chem. Eng., University of Jordan, Jordan

Publications (Selected)

  1. Ali Kh. Al-Matar, Ahmed H. Tobgy, , Ibrahim A. Suleiman, Majdi A. Al-Faiad, “Improving Monte Carlo and Molecular Dynamics Simulation Outcomes Using Temperature Dependent Interaction Parameters”, Submitted to Iranian Journal of Chemistry.
  2. Al-Matar, Ali and Sweis, Fawaz K. (2010) "Thermodynamics of Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Some Dyes and Pharmaceutical Compounds Using the Weighting Matrix Approach," Chemical Product and Process Modeling: Vol. 5 :Iss. 1, Article 26.
  3. Ali Al-Matar, BassamEleswed, and MahaTutonji, “Kinetics of omeprazole degradation in the presence of 2-mercaptoethanol”, International Journal of Chemical Kinetics, Volume 40, Issue 6, Pages 352-358, June 2008.
  4. Ali Al-Matar, BassamEleswed, and MahaTutonji, “Kinetics of acid degradation of proton pump inhibitors in the presence of thiol”,International Journal of Chemical Kinetics, Volume 41, Issue 7, Pages 498-506, July 2009.
  5. RawajfehKhaled, and Ali Al-Matar, “A generalized equation for calculation of fractional recoveries and presentation of data for solvent extraction systems,”Dirasat, 27(1):1-9, April 2000 (Muharram 1421 Hijri).
  6. Ali Al-Matar, and RawajfehKhaled, “Uranium extraction from purified wet process Jordanian phosphoric acid: A development study,” Hydrometallurgy, 56:309-322, July 2000.
  7. Ali Al-Matar, and David Rockstraw, “A Generating equation for mixing rules and two new mixing rules for the interatomic potential energy parameters,” Journal of computational chemistry, Vol. 25(5):660-668, 15 April 2004.
  8. Ali Al-Matar, and David Rockstraw, “Assessment of the effect of mixing rules on the second virial coefficient,” Dirasat: engineering sciences, Vol. 33(1): 27-36, April 2006.
  9. Ali Al-Matar, Ahmed Tobgy, and Ibrahim Suleiman, “The phase diagram of the Lennard-Jones fluid using temperature dependent interaction parameters”,Journal of Molecular Simulation, Vol. 34, No. 3, March 2008, 289–294.
  10. Ali Al-Matar, and RawajfehKhaled, “A study of the extraction equilibrium in the system: phosphoric acid produced in Aqaba-Uranium-0.5M DEPA-0.125M TOPO diluted in kerosene,” Dirasat, 22B (6):1459-1474, 1995.

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