Prof. Marco Trabucchi

Geriatric Research Group

Italian Psycogeriatric Association, Italy



2008 President of Italian Psycogeriatric Association

1977 Ph.D., Psychiatry

1970 Graduated cum laude at Padua Medical School

Publications (Selected)

  1. Bellelli G, Bernardini B, Trabucchi M. The Specificity of Geriatric Rehabilitation: Myth or Reality? A Debate from an Italian Perspective. J Am Med Dir Assoc 2012;13(2):94-5.
  2. Bellelli G, Morandi A, Gentile S, Trabucchi M. Rehabilitation of Elderly Adults with Severe Cognitive Impairment: It is time for Evidence. J Am Geriatr Soc 2012;60(5):998-9.
  3. Bellelli G, Bianchetti A, Trabucchi M. Future Direction of Geriatrics: “Gerogeriatrics”: A Comment [letter]. J Am Geriatr Soc 2012;60(9):1796-7.
  4. Bellelli G, Trabucchi M. Dialogue on Geriatrics: How Should We Fix the Problem? [letter]. Ann Intern Med 2012;157(6):458-9.
  5. Bellelli G, Gentile S, Trabucchi M. Antipsychotic Prescription: The Logic of Medicine Versus the Logic of the Patients (letter). J Am Med Dir Assoc 2012;13(9):817.
  6. Rozzini L, Vicini Chilovi B, Bertoletti E, Conti M, Delrio I, Trabucchi M, Padovani A. Mild Parkinsonian Signs and Psycho-Behavioral Symptoms in Subjects with Mild Cognitive Impairment. Int Psychogeriatr 2008;20:86-95.
  7. Rozzini R, Trabucchi M. Health Status in Elderly Persons Living Alone [letter]. JAMA Inter Med 2013;173(23): 323-4.
  8. Rozzini R, Trabucchi M. Gait Speed and High Blood Pressure [letter]. JAMA Inter Med 2013;173(23): 324-5.
  9. Rozzini R, Trabucchi M. Depressive Symptoms, Their Management, and Mortality in Elderly People [letter]. J Am Geriatr Soc 2012;60(5):989-90.
  10. Rozzini R, Trabucchi M. Geriatric Depression Scale Items and Mortality in Italian Elderly Persons Living at Home [letter]. J Am Geriatr Soc 2012;60(5):990-1.
  11. Sleiman I, Rozzini R, Barbisoni P, Morandi A, Ricci A, Giordano a, Trabucchi M. Functional Trajectories During Hospitalization: A Prognostic Sign for Elderly Patients. J Gerontol Med Sci 2009;64A(6):659-663.
  12. Turco R, Torpilliesi T, Morghen S, Bellelli G, Trabucchi M. Clinical Complexity and Occam’s Razor: Navigating Between Scylla and Charibby of the Geriatric Practice. A Case of Secondary Hypertension in a Very Old Patient. J Am Med Dir Assoc 2009;10:281-282.
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