Prof. Franco Biondi

DendroLab, Department of Geography, Mackay School of Earth Sciences and Engineering, College of Science

University of Nevada, USA



1990-1994 Ph.D., Watershed Management and Geosciences; University of Arizona, Tucson

1985-1987 M.S., Watershed Management; University of Arizona, Tucson

1980-1985 Laurea summa cum laude (Italian Doctorate), Forestry; Università di Firenze, Italy

Publications (Selected)

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  2. Ziaco, E., F. Biondi and I. Heinrich (2016) Wood cellular dendroclimatology: Testing new proxies in Great Basin bristlecone pine, Frontiers in Plant Science-Functional Plant Ecology, 7, 1602-1615, DOI: 10.3389/fpls.2016.01602.
  3. Di Filippo, A., F. Biondi, G. Piovesan and E. Ziaco (2016) Tree-ring based metrics for assessing old-growth forest naturalness, Journal of Applied Ecology, DOI: 10.1111/1365-2664.12793.
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  7. L. Saito, F. Biondi, R. Devkota, J. Vittori and J. Salas (2015) A water-balance approach for reconstructing streamflow using tree-ring proxy records, Journal of Hydrology, 529(Part 2): 535–547.
  8. Salas, J.D., Z. Tarawneh and F. Biondi (2015) A hydrological record extension model for reconstructing streamflows from tree-ring chronologies, Hydrological Processes, 29(4): 544–556.
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