Dr. Wenjie Sun

Tulane University, USA



2010 Ph.D., The University of Hong Kong, Community Medicine

2006 M.Sc., China National Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Nutrition and Food Hygiene

2000 M.D., Anhui Medical University, Prevention Medicine

Publications (selected)

  1. Xu E,Sun WJ†,Gu J, Chow WH, Ajani JA, Wu X. Association of Mitochondrial DNA Copy Number in Peripheral Blood Leukocytes with Risk of Esophageal Adenocarcinoma. Carcinogenesis2013 Jun 26. (In Press)
  2. Sun WJ, Wen CP, Lin J, Wen C, Pu X, Huang MS, Tsai MK, Tsao CK, Wu XF, Chow WH,Cancer risk and ABO blood types -a prospective cohort study in base on 377,773 subjectsInternational Journal of Cancer(Under review)
  3. Genetic variations in the NFκB pathway are associated with an increased risk ofbladder cancer (Manuscript in preparation)
  4. Wang M, Ling WH,Sun WJ* Cadmium Exposures and CancerEnvironment Health Perspective (Under review)
  5. Sun WJ* Iodine-131 and Thyroid Function.Environment Health Perspective (In Press)
  6. Wang M, Ling WH,Sun WJ* Cancer mortality and Environmental: Geographic Information System (GIS): Is there a really cancer village in China?Environment Health Perspective(Under review)
  7. Sun WJSvendsen ER Iodine131 and thyroid diseases in Chernobyl childrenEnvironmental Health Insight(Under review)
  8. Sun WJ, Svendsen ER, Karmaus J, Johannes K, Forster J. Early-life antibiotic use is associated with wheezing among children with high atopic risk: a prospective European study.Journal of Asthma(Under review)
  9. Mu YP, Gao YQ, Ognnasakin O,Sun WJ*, Blood pressure and Depression,Open Journal of Depression, Nov, 2013 2(4): 43-44
  10. Sun WJ, Xu L, Chan WM, et al.Are depressive symptoms associated with cardiovascular mortality among older Chinese: a cohort study of 64,000 people in Hong Kong?American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry2013 Nov;21(11):1107-1115
  11. Sun WJ, Schooling CM, Chan WM, et al.Depressive symptoms and suicide in 56,000 older Chinese: a Hong Kong cohort study.Social Psychiatryand PsychiatricEpidemiology2012 Apr; 47(4):505-14
  12. Sun WJ, Schooling CM, Chan WM, et al. The association between depressive symptoms and mortality among Chinese elderly: a Hong Kong cohort study.Journal of Gerontology: Medical Sciences2011 Apr; 66(4): 459-66
  13. Sun WJ, Schooling CM, Chan WM, et al. Moderate alcohol use, health status, and mortality in a prospective Chinese elderly population. Annals of EpidemiologyJun 2009; 19(6)396-403
  14. Dai JX, Gao YQ,Sun WJ*Nutritional Intervention and Breakfast Behavior of Chinese Kindergartens.Asian Pacific Journal of Public Health (Under review)
  15. Wang M, Gao YQ,Sun WJ*, Nutritional Intervention and Western Fast Food Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior (Under Review)
  16. Tang S, Gao YQ,Sun WJ*. Nutrition education modify snack pattern of young children --A Chinese study.Pediatrics Research International Journal (In press)
  17. Sun WJ, Wang J, Ma G. Cross-sectional survey of children body fat and influence analysis in Beijing and Guangzhou.Journal of Hygiene Research(PubMed) Jan 2008; 37(1):71-74
  18. Sun WJ, Wang JZ. Bioelectrical impedance analysis in body composition in children and adolescents research. Foreign Medical Sciences(Section Hygiene) 2006; 33(3):175-178
  19. Tang S, Sun WJ*, Impacts of engineered nanoparticles on Child. World Journal of Pediatric(In Press)
  20. Lu CW, Sun WJ*, Is prevalence of diabetes in China really high ? JAMA(In Press)
  21. Zhang DT, Liu WT, Peng Y, Zhang Y, Li XY, Germ KE, Tang S,Sun WJ, Wang QY,Factors associated with household transmission of pandemic (H1N1) 2009 in Beijing, China: a case control studyPloS ONE2013; Oct 15; 8(10):e77873
  22. Hu T, Sun WJ*, The Tuberculosis in China, Journal of Tuberculosis ResearchJun 2013; 1(2):9
  23. Liu G, Tang S,Sun WJ*. Apply the time series model to the infect disease of Hong Kongtuberculosis inChinese. Journal of Health StatisticsApr 2012; 29(2) 226-228

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