Dr. Francisco Estrada-Belli

Boston University, USA

Research Assistant Professor



1998 Ph.D., Archaeology, Boston University, USA

1991 Laurea, Anthropology/Archaeology, University of Rome, Italy

Publications (Selected)

  1. Early civilization in the Maya Lowlands, Monumentality and Place Making. A view from the Holmul region. In Origins of New World Monumentality. Richard Burger and Robert Rosenswig (eds.). University of Florida Press. 2012
  2. "The First Maya Civilization. Ritual and Power before the Classic Period”. Routledge, London. 2011
  3. F. Estrada-Belli, A. Tokovinine, J. M. Foley, H. Hurst, G. A. Ware, D. Stuart, and N. Grube, “Pintura mural e historia en La Sufricaya y las relaciones Teotihuacanas en las Tierras Bajas Maya”. In “Texto, Imagen e identidad”, M. Paxton, M. Herman (eds.) Centro de Estudios Maya. UNAM, Mexico. 2011
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  7. F. Estrada-Belli and M. Koch, “Remote Sensing and GIS Analysis of a Maya City and Its Landscape: Holmul, Guatemala”. In. “Remote Sensing in Archaeology”. James R. Wiseman and Farouk El-Baz (eds.). Plenum Press. 2007
  8. "Lightning Sky, Rain Gods and Maize: the Ideology of Preclassic Maya Rulers at Cival, Guatemala”. Ancient Mesoamerica 17(1): 57-78.
  9. Francisco Estrada-Belli, Alexandre Tokovinine, Jennifer Foley, Heather Hurst, Gene A. Ware, David Stuart, Nikolai Grube, “Two Early Classic Maya murals: new texts and images in Maya and Teotihuacan style from La Sufricaya, Petén, Guatemala”. Antiquity Vol. 80 No. 308(June 2006) URL:
  10. "The Archaeology of Complex Societies in Pacific Coastal Southeastern Guatemala: A Regional GIS Approach”. British Archaeological Reports International Series 890. Oxford: John and Erica Hedges Ltd.

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