Xiaomei Cong

University of Connecticut School of Nursing, USA

Assistant Professor



2006 Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University, Nursing

1996 M.S., Chiang Mai University, Nursing

1990 B.S., Peking University, Nursing

Publications (selected)

  1. Cong, X., Ludington-Hoe, S.M., Zhang, D., & Zaffetti, S. (in press). Ergonomic procedure for heel sticks and shots in the Kangaroo Care (Skin-to-Skin Contact) Position. Neonatal Network.
  2. Cong, X., Cusson, R., Walsh, S. Hussain, N., Ludington, S & Zhang, D. (2012). Effects of Skin-to-Skin Contact on autonomic pain responses in preterm infants. Journal of Pain. Jul; 13(7): 636-45.
  3. Judge MP, Cong X, Harel O, Courville AB, Lammi-Keefe CJ. (2012) Maternal consumption of a DHA-containing functional food benefits infant sleep patterning: An early neurodevelopmental measure. Early Hum Dev. Jul; 88(7): 531-7.
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  6. Cong, X, Ludington, S., & Walsh, S. (2011). Randomized cross-over trial of Kangaroo Care to reduce bio-behavioral pain responses in preterm infants: A pilot study. Biological Research for Nursing. Apr; 13(2): 204-16.
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