Dr. Protima Rauwel

Institute of Physics,

University of Tartu, Estonia

Main Researcher for S/TEM


Research fields:

Nanotechnology and Nanoscience


Carbon Nanomaterials

Functional Material

Metals and Alloys

Fabrication of Nanomaterials

Biomaterials and Biotechnology

Chemical Synthesis

Composite Materials


2005, Ph.D., TEM study of Wurtzite Nitride Semiconductors, University of Caen, France

2001, M.S., Solid State Physics, University of Caen, France

Publications (selected)

  1. Protima Rauwel, Erwan Rauwel, Stanislav Ferdov, Mangala P. Singh: Silver nanoparticles: Synthesis, Properties and Applications. Advances in Materials Science and Engineering 01/2015; In press.
  2. Protima Rauwel, Siim Küünal, Stanislav Ferdov, Erwan Rauwel: "A Review on the green synthesis of silver nanoparticles and their morphologies studied via TEM". Advances in Materials Science and Engineering 10/2014;
  3. S. Küünal, S. Kutti, M. Guha, P. Rauwel, D.Wragg, G.Nurk, E. Rauwel: Silver Nanoparticles Study for Application in Green Housing. ECS Transactions 09/2014; 64.
  4. Wen Xing, Protima Rauwel, Charles H. Hervoches, Zuoan Li, Reidar Haugsrud: Structure and transport properties in un-doped and acceptor-doped gadolinium tungstate. Solid State Ionics 08/2014
  5. A.Yu. Azarov, A.  Hallén, X. L. Du, P.  Rauwel, A.Yu. Kuznetsov, B. G.  Svensson: Effect of implanted species on thermal evolution of ion-induced defects in ZnO. Journal of Applied Physics 02/2014; 115:073512.
  6. Erwan Rauwel, Augustinas Galeckas, Protima Rauwel: Photoluminescent cubic and monoclinic HfO2 nanoparticles: effects of temperature and ambient. Materials Research Express. 01/2014; 1:015035.
  7. V. Quemener, M. Alnes, L. Vines, P. Rauwel, O. Nilsen, H. Fjellv˚ag, E.V. Monakhov and B.G. Svensson: The work function of n-ZnO deduced from
  8. heterojunctions with Si prepared by ALD.. Journal of Physics D Applied Physics 07/2012; 45(31):315101.
  9. P. Rauwel, E. Rauwel, C. Persson, M.F. Sunding, A. Galeckas: One step synthesis of pure cubic and monoclinic HfO2 nanoparticles: Correlating the structure to the electronic properties of the two polymorphs. Journal of Applied Physics 01/2012; 112.
  10. Kingsley O. Iwu, Augustinas Galeckas, Protima Rauwel, Andrej Y. Kuznetsov, Truls Norby: One-dimensional WO3 and its hydrate: One-step synthesis, structural and spectroscopic characterization. Journal of Solid State Chemistry 01/2012; 185:245–252.
  11. E. Rauwel, A. Galeckas, P. Rauwel, D.S. Wragg: Response to comment on 'unusual photoluminescence of CaHfO 3 and SrHfO 3 nanoparticles'. Advanced Functional Materials 01/2012; 22(6):1114-1115.
  12. Erwan Rauwel, Augustinas Galeckas, Protima Rauwel, Martin Fleissner Sunding, Helmer Fjellvag: Precursor-dependent blue-green photoluminescence emission of ZnO nanoparticles. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 12/2011; 115(51):25227–25233.
  13. Protima Rauwel, Ole Martin Løvvik, Erwan Rauwel, Johan Taftø: Nanovoids in thermoelectric β-Zn 4Sb 3: A possibility for nanoengineering via Zn diffusion. Acta Materialia 08/2011; 59(13):5266-5275.
  14. Protima Rauwel, Ole Martin Løvvik, Erwan Rauwel, Eric S. Toberer, G. Jeffrey Snyder, Johan Taftø: Nanostructuring in βZn4Sb3 with variable starting Zn compositions. Physica Status Solidi (A) Applications and Materials 03/2011; 208(7):1652 - 1657.
  15. Eric S. Toberer, Protima Rauwel, Sylvain Gariel, J. Taftø, G. Jeffrey Snyder: Composition and the thermoelectric performance of β-Zn_4Sb_3. Journal of Materials Chemistry 01/2010; 20:9877-9885.
  16. Charpentier, S.; Roberge, G.; Godin-Proulx, S.; Béchamp-Laganière, X.; Truong, K. D.; Fournier, P.; Rauwel, P. Fournier: Antiferromagnetic fluctuations and the Hall effect of electron-doped cuprates: Possibility of a quantum phase transition at underdoping. Physical Review B 01/2010; 81(10):104509.
  17. M. P. Singh, K. D. Truong, P. Fournier, P. Rauwel, E. Rauwel, L. -P. Carignan, D. Menard: A radical approach to promote multiferroic coupling in double perovskites. Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 05/2009;

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