Prof. Vandana Janeja

University of Maryland Baltimore County, USA





2007  Ph.D., Rutgers University, USA

2001  M.S., New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA

1999  M.S., Devi Ahilya Vishwa Vidhyalaya, India

1997  B.Sc., Devi Ahilya Vishwa Vidhyalaya, India


Publications (selected)

  1. Josephine M. Namayanja, Vandana P. Janeja: Subspace Discovery for Disease Management: A Case Study in Metabolic Syndrome. IJCMAM 2(1): 38-59 (2011).
  2. Vandana P. Janeja, Aryya Gangopadhyay, Seyed H. Mohammadi, Revathi Palanisamy: Discovery of anomalous spatio-temporal windows using discretized spatio-temporal scan statistics. Statistical Analysis and Data Mining 4(3): 276-300 (2011).
  3. Lei Shi, Vandana P. Janeja: Anomalous Window Discovery for Linear Intersecting Paths. IEEE Trans. Knowl. Data Eng. 23(12): 1857-1871 (2011).
  4. David M. Lewis, Vandana Pursnani Janeja: An Empirical Evaluation of Similarity Coefficients for Binary Valued Data. IJDWM 7(2): 44-66 (2011).
  5. V. P. Janeja, N. Adam, V. Atluri, J.S. Vaidya. Spatial neighborhood based anomaly detection in sensor datasets Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery,  Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, special issue on Outlier Detection, 20(2), March 2010, pp. 221-258, Springer.
  6. George Karabatis, Zhiyuan Chen, Vandana Pursnani Janeja, Tania Lobo, Monish Advani, Mikael Lindvall, Raimund L. Feldmann: Using Semantic Networks and Context in Search for Relevant Software Engineering Artifacts. J. Data Semantics 14: 74-104 (2009).
  7. V.P. Janeja and V. Atluri, Random walks to identify anomalous free-form spatial scan windows. IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering (TKDE), Volume 20(10), 2008.
  8. V.P. Janeja and V. Atluri, Spatial outlier detection in heterogeneous neighborhoods. Intelligent Data Analysis, Volume 13(1), 2008.

Refereed Conference Publications

  1. Sandipan Dey, V. P. Janeja, and A. Gangopadhyay, Temporal Neighborhood Discovery using Markov Models, IEEE International Conference on Data Mining series (ICDM 2009).
  2. Lei Shi , V.P. Janeja, Anomalous Window Discovery through Scan Statistics for Linear Intersecting Paths (SSLIP), 15th ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining  (KDD’09), (Paris, France, June 28 - July 01, 2009),  ACM, New York, NY, 767-775.
  3. S. Mohammadi, V.P. Janeja and A. Gangopadhyay, Discretized Spatio-Temporal Scan Window, 9th SIAM International conference on Data Mining, SIAM, 2009, 1197-1208.
  4. M. Lindvall, R.L. Feldmann, G. Karabatis, Z. Chen, V.P. Janeja, Searching for Relevant Software Change Artifacts using Semantic Networks, 24th ACM Symposium on Applied Computing, Software Engineering, Hawaii, USA, March 2009,ACM, New York, NY, 496-500.
  5. Nabil R. Adam, Vandana P. Janeja, Aabhas V. Paliwal, Basit Shafiq, Cedric Ulmer, Volker Gersabeck, Anne Hardy, Christof Bornhövd, Joachim Schaper: Approach for Discovering and Handling Crisis in a Service-Oriented Environment. Intelligence and Security Informatics, 2007 IEEE , vol., no., pp.16-24, 23-24 May 2007.
  6. N. Adam, V. Atluri, V. P. Janeja, A. Paliwal, M. Youssef, S. Chun, J. Cooper, J. Paczkowski, C. Bornhoevd, I. Nassi, and J. Schaper, “Semantics-based Threat Structure Mining”, National Conference on Digital Government Research(dg.o), May 2006, 367-368.
  7. V. P. Janeja and V. Atluri, “FS3: A Random Walk based Free-Form Spatial Scan Statistic for Anomalous Window Detection”, IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM), November 2005, 661-664.
  8. V. P. Janeja, V. Atluri, A. Gomaa, N. Adam, C. Bornhoevd, and T. Lin, “DM-AMS: Employing Data Mining Techniques Alert Management”, National Conference on Digital Government Research, (dg.o), May 2005, 103-111.
  9. V. P. Janeja, V. Atluri, J. S. Vaidya, and N. Adam, “Collusion Set Detection through Outlier Discovery”, IEEE Intelligence and Security Informatics (IEEE ISI), May 2005, 1-13.
  10. V. P. Janeja and V. Atluri, “LS3: A Linear Semantic Scan Statistic Technique for Detecting Anomalous Windows”, ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (ACM SAC), March 2005, 493-497.
  11. V. P. Janeja, V. Atluri, and N. R. Adam, “Detecting Anomalous Geospatial Trajectories through Spatial Characterization and Spatio-Semantic Associations”, National Conference on Digital Government Research (dg.o), May 2004, 1-10.
  12. N. R. Adam, V. P. Janeja, and V. Atluri, “Neighborhood based Detection of Anomalies in High Dimensional Spatio-temporal Sensor Datasets”, ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (ACM SAC), March 2004, 576-583.

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