Prof. Alberto Eugenio Musto

Louisiana State University Health Science Center, USA



2002 Ph.D., Universidad de Buenos Aires, Neurobiology

1991 M.D., Universidad de Buenos Aires, School of Medicine

1985 B.Sc., Universidad de Buenos Aires, Commercial Sciences


  1. Novel cellular and molecular targets in epileptogenesis. Musto, AE; CP. Walker, B.Bhattacharjee, B.Jones, R.Hancks, W. Lukiw, O.Prakash. In process
  2. Epileptogenesis and Neuronal Network. Musto, AE. 2012 Review. In process.
  3. Neuroinflammation on Neuronal Circuits. Musto, AE. 2012 Review. In process.
  4. Aberrant neuronal networks are restored by Neuroprotectin D1 in experimental epileptogenesis. Musto, AE.; Quebedaux, TM; Kaveh D. Khoobehi, Chelsey P. Walker, and N.G.Bazan (Submitted to Neuron, 2012).
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  20. Neurociencias y Salud Mental. Biblioteca medica digital ISBN: 987-9212-40-1 . (1999) CD. Data Vision S.A. Cardinali D et al. Colaborator: Musto AE and Cella L.
  21. Clinical study of Epilepsy in the Hospital San Isidro. Granillo, R. and Musto A.E. (1997), available in:
  22. Sequential differentiation of the nerves in the postnatal rat vibrissae as revealed by PGP 9.5. Musto, A. E., Suburo, A., Granillo, R. and Tramezzani, J. H. Comunicaciones Biológicas, 1996 14(2) 243.

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