Prof. Blanca Bazán Perkins

Departamento de Investigación en Hiperreactividad Bronquial

Instituto Nacional de Enfermedades Respiratorias, Mexico



2001 Ph.D., Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Biomedicine

1994 M.Sc., Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Physiology

1991 B.Sc., Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Biology

Publications (Selected)

1. 2015 Alvarez-Santos MD, Ramos-Ramirez P, Gutierrez-Aguilar F, Sánchez-Hernandez S, Lascurain R, Olmos-Zuñiga R, Jasso-Victoria R, Bobadilla NA, Bazán-Perkins B. Antigen-induced airway hyperresponsiveness and obstruction is related to caveolin-1 expression in airway smooth muscle in a guinea pig asthma model. Clinical and Translational Allergy. 5:14.

2. 2015 Lucely Cetina, Tania Crombet, Roberto Jiménez-Lima, Sergio Zapata, Mayra Ramos, Sandra Avila, Jaime Coronel, Eduardo Charco, Rafael Bojalil, Horacio Astudillo, Blanca Bazán, Alfonso Dueñas-González. A pilot study of nimotuzumab plus single agent chemotherapy as second- or third-line treatment or more in patients with recurrent, persistent or metastatic cervical cancer. Cancer Biology & Therapy 16 (5): 684-9

3. 2014 Ramos-Ramírez P, Campos MG, Martínez-Cordero E, García-Zepeda E, Téllez-Jiménez O, Larios-Martínez K Bazán-Perkins B. Neutrophilia induced by histamine challenge in guinea pig: The role of IL‑5, IL‑10 and IL‑17A, but no CXCL8. Boletín Médico del Hospital Infantil de México, 71 (2): 83-87..

4. Ramos-Ramírez P, Campos MG, Martínez-Cordero E, Bazán-Perkins B, García-Zepeda E. Antigen-induced airway hyperresponsiveness In absence of broncho-obstruction in sensitized guinea pigs. Experimental Lung Research, 39, 136–145.

5. Oropeza M., Calzada C, Guerra-Araiza C., Bazán-Perkins B. Mendoza-Espinoza J. Campos MG, Tibolone induces serotonin, estrogen and progesterone receptor expression but not contractile response to serotonin in the rat uterus. Hormone and Metabolic Research 45 (7): 490-4.

6. 2012 Bazán-Perkins B. cGMP reduces the sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ loading in airway smooth muscle cells: a putative mechanism in the regulation of Ca2+ by cGMP  Journal of Muscle Research and Cell Motility, 32 (6): 375-82.

7. 2011 Campos M.G., Bazán-Perkins B. Asthma: relationships and mechanisms. Boletín Médico del Hospital Infantil de México 68 (3): 169-170.

8. 2010 Vargas MH, Sommer B, Bazán-Perkins B, Montaño LM. Airway responsiveness measured by barometric plethysmography in guinea pigs. Veterinary Research Communications, 34 (7): 589-596.

9. 2010 Sánchez-Pozos K., Lee-Montiel F., Pérez R., Uribe N.,  Gamba G., Bazan-Perkins B., Bobadilla N.A. Polymerized type I collagen reduces chronic cyclosporine (CsA) nephrotoxicity. Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation 25 (7): 2150-2158.

10. 2010 Moreno-Álvarez P., Sánchez-Guerrero E., Martínez-Cordero E., Hernández-Pando R., Campos M.G., Cetina L., Bazan-Perkins B. Aerosolized polymerized type I collagen reduces airway inflammation and remodelling in a guinea pig model of allergic asthma. Lung 188 (2): 97-105.

11. 2009 Bazán-Perkins B., Sánchez-Guerrero E., Campos M.G. Capacitative Ca2+ entry during Ca2+ undershoot in bovine airway smooth muscle. Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry, 24: 161-166.

12. 2009 Bazán-Perkins B., Sánchez-Guerrero E., Vargas M., Martinez E., Ramos-Ramírez P., Alvarez-Santos M., Hiriart G., Gaxiola M., Hernández-Pando R. β1-Integrins shedding in a guinea pig model of chronic asthma with remodelled airways. Clinical and Experimental Allergy, 39: 740-751.

13. 2009 Cetina L, Garcia-Arias A, Candelaria M, Cantu D, Rivera L, Coronel J, Bazan-Perkins B, Flores V, Gonzalez A, Duenas-Gonzalez A. Brachytherapy versus radical hysterectomy after external beam chemoradiation: a non-randomized matched comparison in IB2-IIB cervical cancer patients. World Journal of Surgical Oncology 7 (1): 19.

14. 2005 Montaño L.M., Bazán-Perkins B. Resting calcium influx in airway smooth muscle. Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology, 83 (8-9): 717-723.

15. 2005 Carbajal V., Vargas M., Flores-Soto E., Martínez-Cordero E., Bazán-Perkins B. y Montaño L.M. LTD4 induces hyperresponsiveness to histamine but not to carbachol in bovine airway smooth muscle: Role of SR-ATPase Ca2+ pump and tyrosine kinase pathway. American Journal of Physiology: Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology 288: L84-L92.

16. 2004 Bazán-Perkins B., Vargas M.H., Sánchez-Guerrero E., Chávez J. y L.M. Montaño. Spontaneous changes in guinea pig respiratory pattern during barometric plethysmography: Role of catecholamines and nitric oxide. Experimental Physiology, 85: 623-628.

17. 2003 Bazán-Perkins B., Flores E., Barajas-López C. y L.M. Montaño. Role of sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ content in Ca2+ entry of bovine airway smooth muscle cells. Naunyn-Schmiedeberg´s Archives of Pharmacology 368: 277–283.

18. 2000 Bazán-Perkins B., Sánchez-Guerrero E., Carbajal V., Barajas-López C. y L.M. Montaño. Sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ depletion by caffeine and changes of [Ca2+]i during refilling in bovine airway smooth muscle cells. Archives of Medical Research 31: 558-563.

19. 1998 Bazán-Perkins B., Carbajal V., Sommer B., Macías-Silva M., Gonzáles-Martínez M., Valenzuela F., Daniel E.E. y L.M. Montaño. Involvement of different Ca2+ pools during the canine bronchial sustained contraction in Ca2+ free medium: Lack of effect of PKC inhibition. Naunyn-Schmiedeberg´s Archives of Pharmacology 358: 567-573.

20. 1997 Sommer B., Vargas M., Segura P., Bazán-Perkins B., Carbajal V., Chávez J., Gustin P. y L.M. Montaño. Effect of different ozone concentrations on the neurogenic contraction and relaxation of guinea pig airways. Fundamental and Clinical Pharmacology 11: 501-511.

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