Dr. Mohan Yellishetty

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Monash University, Australia



2010 Ph.D., Monash University,Civil Engineering

2004 M.Tech., Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Environmental Engineering

Publications (selected)

  1. Yellishetty, M., G. M. Mudd and R. Shukla (2012). Prediction and evaluation of soil erosion due to water from overburden dumps from opencast mines of Goa and their impacts on the environment. Submitted to International Journal of Mining, Reclamation and Environment
  2. (in Press; doi: 10.1080/17480930.2012.655164).
  3. Shukla R., P. G. Ranjith, A. Haque, X. Choi, M. Yellishetty, L. Hong (2012). Investigating mechanical behaviour of reservoir rock under brine saturation: Geological sequestration of carbon dioxide in saline aquifers. Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering Journal (in Press).
  4. Yellishetty, M., G. M. Mudd, P. G. Ranjith and A. Tharumarajah (2011). Environmental life-cycle comparisons of steel production & recycling: sustainability issues, problems and prospects. Environmental Science & Policy, 14, 650 – 663.
  5. Yellishetty, M., G. Mudd and P. G. Ranjith (2011). The steel industry, abiotic resource depletion and life cycle assessment: A real or perceived issue?  Journal of Cleaner Production, 19, 78-90.
  6. Yellishetty, M., and W. Darlington (2011). The effects of monsoonal rainfall on waste dump stability and respective geo-environmental issues. Environmental Earth Sciences, 63, 1169–1177.
  7. Yellishetty, M., A. Tharumarajah and P. G. Ranjith (2010). Iron ore and steel production trends and material flows in the world: Is this really sustainable?   Resources, Conservation & Recycling, 54, 1084–1094.
  8. M. Khandelwal, D. L. Kumar and M. Yellishetty (2010). Application of soft computing to predict blast-induced ground vibration. Engineering with Computers, 27, 117–125.
  9. Yellishetty, M., P. G. Ranjith, A. Tharumarajah and S. Bhonsale (2009).Life cycle assessment in the minerals and metals sector: a critical review of selected issues and challenges. Int. J. of Life Cycle Assessment, 14, 257–267.
  10. Yellishetty, M., P. G. Ranjith and D. L. Kumar (2009)."Metal concentrations and metal mobility in unsaturated mine wastes in mining areas of Goa, India". Resources, Conservation & Recycling, 53, 379–385.
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  16. M. Yellishetty, P. G. Ranjith A. Tharumarajah (2009). Application of best practice environmental management systems: a sustainable solution for the mining industry. In: T. N. Singh (Ed) Recent Advancements in Disaster Analysis, JBC Publishers New Delhi.

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